Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ashton Didn't Make the Cut!

Hey guys! It's been a while no? Well after I got and installed Generations, my game won't work! *spaz* Which sucks because I REALLY want to play it. It says it's something about the DEP that's causing the crashes, but it can't be, since I've already added it as an exception, so wtf?! I will figure it out somehow.

ANYWAYS, how about some Ashton Bloopers/Didn't make the cut to tide you over?

So dishes were piling up, Adeyle and Devin started having to parent. etc etc. And then it hit me. Where the hell is Vincent!?!?!?
I was getting Devin to call for a butler but it showed I still had one. Well, wtf? I realized I haven't seen Maura in a while either. So I double click on her. Turns out, they somehow got stuck in the garage! And I must have deleted the door when I was doing the addition or something. No clue how they got in there though
Poor Vincent. Like I haven't made him suffer enough.

the birthday bashes

 For some reason Jayden went to the cake blew out her candles but nothing happened, so I was like wtf, the next thing I know, she turned into a sexy midget!

 the girlfriend

 Samuel might not like nature. But it sure likes him.

April's ready to go kung fu on anybody you stands in the way of her drink

Really like the lighting, but I already had one like it, which matched better.

She might not like it, but she sits like a lady.

young and the clueless

We have a nice little pedo in the window.

Attack of the sexy midgets! Sadly, she fixed herself Sad

the mistake

 Will: You have butterflies!
April: Erm, yes

April: I also got dirt!
Will: Oh April, no, don't do .. no..

April: Om nom nom!
Will: Ahh omg..

April: Blaahhhhggg
Will: That's sick.

April: Whaaaa!

Will: Blah blah blah
April: Nice!

April: Ooggie boogie!
Will: Blaaahhhh


April: Sigh!

Then they go to the bedroom and woohoo two times in a row. And this is what came out of it.

Good thing I saved him in the bin, for a quick fix.

the accusation 

 April: Hunh, on the phone when I'm trying to tell you something important.

Joe: Erm, there's more wall over there you can shoot.

Ohhh Sean do you REALLY have to ask?


the redemption

 I was getting that picture of April and I Lol'd
Lady: See! That's what couples are suppose to be doing!

Mel<3 Silly girl. Must be a little chilly out, to need a scarf Lol

Two Outtake = Mel Wins!

Joe: Oh that was so beautiful!
April: Hrm, I could go for a sandwich right about now.

That's what we're all thinking Wes!

Action shot  Kiss

April: AHHHHHMG! I get to plan a wedding!

 a knight in shining armour

Yeah that's a little creepy Joe!

Adeyle doing what Adeyle does best.


Jami: Why is he pointing, and staring at me like that?
Adeyle: Oh Jami! I didn't see you there, tv is on.

Just a pretty picture of Dion. But if you look closely it looks like Adeyle is giving Dion "moose ears".

Just a sweet picture of Jolee. She looks like a little doll! Looks like she's holding onto a poll, or the wall or something.

And just another angle of the last shot. Wasn't sure which one I was going to use.

Loved the lighting on this one.

I don't know why! But I seriously love these shots. I do them all the time LOL

the match maker

 Mel walks into the club, and drives about every man crazy!!

Mel: Stop. Thinking. About. Me!


  1. Some of these seemed familiar but yep I still laughed my ass off, almost choked on my drink lmao


  2. These were funny!
    As far as the DEP settings are concerned, I was having the same issues and apparently it has been updated/changed again. You have to take all of the Sims 3 games off of your DEP list. Such a Hope that works for you, it worked for me and my game has been fine ever since.