Sunday, June 19, 2011

the prom

Stephan: So Prom eh? What are you and Libb doing for it?
Samual: Oh sorry bro, I can't tell you that, it's going to be something phenomenal!

Stephan: Phhf okay? I really don't see what the big deal is
Samual: It's Prom Steph! You can't just treat this like some other dance. This is a one time shot.
Stephan: Thank god Car isn't like that at all. 

Samual: A little secret for you pal, all girls are like that.

Stephan: Something special..

Stephan: Hey Car! I know you wanted to hangout right away but could we bump it to like... uhh .. lets say 9?...Great.. See you then.

Samual: Hey man, we should totally have a house party! This time I can't get in trouble since April doesn't live here anymore!
Stephan: Sorry man, no go. I have way too much work to do.

Samual: That girl has changed you.
Stephan: Shut up, Sam. I'm the same guy, just different priorities.
Samual: Chaaanged.

Carisa: Hey Steph, why so late?
Stephan: Hey babe. You look gorgeous tonight.

Carisa: Thank you. Wait.. tonight? What do I look like every other time.

Stephan: Ha! Just give me one minute to do some last minute touch ups and meet me in the back.
Cara: Ermm.. okay..

Cara: STEPHAN! My god!
Stephan: You like?

Cara: You.. you made that?
Stephan: Guess carpentry turned out to be a good class to take.

Cara: It's gorgeous. It looks just like..
Together: .. the one at your/my grandparents cabin that burnt down.
Cara: Okay, what did you do?
Stephan: Nothing! I swear. It's just..

Stephan: .. I wanted to ask you something important.
Cara: *gulp* Oh?
Stephan: Carisa would you do me the honor in going to the Prom with me?

Cara: Oh Steph of course I will.

samual's turn 

Libby: Hey Big S dawg! What's up?
Samual: I got you something!

Libby: Ahhhmygod! Sammie, they're so pretty thank you!

Samual: And a kiss!

Libby: Oh Sammie whats gotten into you?
Samual: Can't I do something nice for my special lady?
Libby: No no, it's just.. this ain't your style hun. NOT that I'm complaining or anything.

Samual: Good, would you like to go out back and watch the stars with me?

Libby: Like .. outside?
Samual: Yeah of course! Where else would you do that?
Libby: Or you feeling okay? Are you getting light headed already? We were only outside for 5 minutes.

Libby: Ahh this is so nice.
Samual: I thought you'd like it.
Libby: I do. The stars are beautiful, don't yah think?

Samual: I think the most beautiful stars, are the ones that frame your eyes.
Libby: You're getting better at those.
Samual: Thank you. I've been practicing.

Samual: I have another surprise for you. You see that loan star, right beside that patch of three?

Libby: Ermm.. nope not at all.
Samual: Ha! Well it's the Libby star. I got it named after you. It was the brightest one I could find.

Libby: You did? Show me, show me. I wanna see it!
Samual: Right there.. beside that patch..
Libby: Oh I think I see it!

Libby: Thank you Sam. This has been the most amazing night.
Samual: I'm glad you liked it. I've been really thinking Lib. We get along so great. I can't even imagine my life without you.

Libby: Mhmm, me to babe.
Samual: That brings me to what I really planned this night around. I have an important question to ask you.

Libby: Uhm. Okay. Samual, what is it?

Samual: Will you go to Prom with me?
Libby: *smack* Frick sakes Sam! Could have given me a heart attack.
Samual: Ow! Is that a yes?

prom night

Libby: A limo? Really, come on guys!

Ami: Whew! Glad I made it, I didn't think I would have made it, the beach is so far from here!
Libby: Don't look.
Stephan: I'm trying not to.

Maurice: Boooo! Ami's uglay!

Ami: You're just upset since I'd rather go stag than go with you.
Maurice: Phhf, like you could even handle these pipes!

Stephan: Great seeing you Sis! You actually look pretty decent. You clean up well.
Jayden: Wow Steph thanks! You really know how to woo the ladies.

Stephan: It's the Ashton charm.
Jayden: I'm an Ashton too.
Stephan: Yeah but you're a girl.

Stephan: Your date here yet?
Jayden: Nope not yet.
Stephan: Well if he doesn't show up, don't worry there's plenty of desperate guys around here.
Jayden: Yeahh.. I'll pass, I'm not worried.

Carisa: Yeah I'm sorry Lincoln, but I'm here with Stephan. We're still friends right?
Buck & Samual: *snort* He totally got shut down!! *snicker*

Libby: And how is this any different from you Buck?
Buck: *pause*
Libby: That's what I thought.

Samual: Wooo PROMMMM!!!
Libby: *sigh*
Terrell: You're the one dating him.
Libby: Don't remind me.

Danita: Rumor has it you came with Stephan?
Meghann: That pig
Danita: You know you don't actually mean anything to him right? You just so happen to be there until he moves on to some other hot chick.

Carisa: He's not like that you guys. You don't know him like I do.
Meghann: Why don't you be a good little girl, and go find someone nice, that will actually treat you right.
Danita: Yeah beats us having to hear you crying in the bathroom all the time.

Stephan: You having a good time babe?
Carisa: The best.

Stephan: Wooah! Do you see the bombshell that just walked in the door?
Jayden: I sure do.

Stephan: Oh man, she's coming this way. She must be able to smell my success and masculinity.
Jayden: I wouldn't bet on that.

Carisa: Whaaaaa the faaaaaa..
Danita: I think I'm going to be sick

Stephan: What the hell just happened?
Carisa: Heh heh heh!
Kim: Hello Prom Queen.

Stephan: Would you care to explain what the hell just happened?
Jayden: Steph, I would like you to meet my date, Kim.

Stephan: Where and how the hell did you get someone that looks like THAT?

Jayden: Uhm, wow thanks, is there anymore compliments hiding up your sleeve?
Stephan: I mean no disrespect sis, it's just. Dayum, how did you get this chick to even talk to you?

Kim: Actually, it was me who had to work my butt off for her to notice me.

Kim: And if you have a problem with it, you can bring that up with me.
Stephan: The only problem is that you're with the wrong Ashton.

Jayden: The wrong Ashton? What the fu-, what's wrong with you?

Jayden: I just don't even know you anymore..
Kim: Don't let him bother you hun. Haters gonna hate.

Jayden: You're right Kim, I'M the one with the hot girlfriend.

Carisa: Stephan?

Kim: Oh don't tell me, this is his girlfriend? Figures.
Carisa: Is everything alright?

Stephan: Of course, babe. Jayden here was just introducing me to her date. That's all.
Carisa: Oh. Okay.
Kim: And they wonder why I'm off men?
Jayden: Ikr? disgusting.

Carisa: Libb? what am I doing wrong?
Libby: I don't know. But do you know the answer to number 7, on Mr G's math test?

next morning

Devin: You're home late..
Jayden: Yeah I just slept over at a girl friends house.
Devin: How was the prom?

Jayden: It was soo much fun Dad!
Devin: That's good. Did you talk to your brothers?

Jayden: Yeah, and wow has Steph become a dick.
Devin: What you mean?
Jayden: I think he's even more conceded than you are.

Devin: Ahh don't worry about that. That's just the Ashton charm!
Jayden: Yeah, but I'm an Ashton and I don't act like that.

Devin: Yeah but he also looks like this.

Jayden: Mhm, and I look like you too Dad.

Devin: But you're a girl.

Jayden: Ugh, I'm going to have some cereal.
Devin: Okay, nice talking to you!

Devin: Nice chat! Man I'm getting better and better at this parenting thing, with each child...

Devin: Why hello you!
Adeyle: Oh Devin! What's gotten into?

Devin: Have I told you how sexy you are lately?
Adeyle: Oh shiiiit.

Adeyle: Blarh blah, still sexy?

Devin: Cute.
Adeyle: I thought so.

later that day..

Kim: So what's wrong? Why are you so upset?

Jayden: Well it's just. What my brother said last night..
Kim: Stephan? Omg no don't listen to what he says, he knows nothing.
Jayden: But he is sort of right. I mean like, I'm not that great looking. Like you.

Kim: Now you listen here. You're gorgeous. And the kindest person I've ever met. If you were short of amazing, do you think I would want you so bad?

Jayden: Seriously?
Kim. Seriously.

Kim: Now what would the most amazing girl in the world like to do today?

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  1. Go Jayden!! And with Kim nonetheless! How cute, prom looked very exciting. Makes me want to try it out ASAP.