Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the introduction


Adeyle: What is it Devin?
Devin: Doesn't Jayden look.. different to you?
Adeyle: What do you mean? Happy?

 Devin: No not happy..
Repairman : She looks smoking!
Devin: Exactly! Wait.. Adeyle...

Adeyle: I did NOT get work done on her!
Devin: *stares*
Adeyle: What! I didn't! Don't you think if my hands were in it she'd be blonde?

 Adeyle: So hows you're day going?
Jayden: Great! Couldn't ask for any better.

Adeyle: There is something seriously wrong here. Devin I think she's happy.
Devin: So happy about what?
Adeyle: Well she's a brunette so it's not a love life...

Jayden: Well actually.. it really is.
Devin: You have a boyfriend?

Jayden: Sort of..
Adeyle: Really? You can attract things with that hair?

 Jayden: See what I have to put up with? Come on dad you're a brunette why doesn't she do this to you?
Devin: Well.. because I'm a man.
Jayden: Why must it always come down to gender?

Adeyle: Ugh, if you're going to just have the same fight all the time, I'm going to the hot tub. 

Together: Look you made mother upset!

 Devin: That's really creepy. I guess you are a little like me. I can't put my finger on it...

Jayden: It's the Ashton charm!

 Jayden: Hey Kim, so do you want to come over tonight or something?
Kim: Really? Like your parents are there and everything?

 Jayden: Yeah! They really want to meet you. It's funny they don't even think you really exist.
Kim: Oh I exist ha! Do they know I'm a .. girl?

Jayden: Er... not really.
Kim: Well, this will be interesting.

Jayden: Interesting indeed.

 Kim: Woaaah, nice pad. Never knew someone could be this rich.

Jayden: Oh Kim, I'm so nervous.
Kim: You're nervous? I'm the one who's "corrupt" the baby girl.
Jayden: Haha Yeah, I guess I've never really thought about that. I'm not really sure how they view same sex relationships, this will be a first!

 Kim: Well.. you really know how to calm nervs. I'm not so sure about this anymore.
Jayden: Oh don't worry. They're pretty calm when it comes to us kids. Just be glad Vincent is on a vacation right now, or THAT would be an interesting introduction.

 Kim: Ms Ashton, it is seriously an honor to meet you. I seriously watch all your movies, and find you the most beautiful person in Bridgepart. Part from your daughter.
Adeyle: Thank you. April is a pretty masterful creation.
Kim: Uhh.. I meant Jayden..

Devin: hrmm.. Jayden said she was bringing her boyfriend to supper tonight. Though.. I don't see him. Hmm, maybe he was imaginary, I did hear they can be a love interest. But... why is there this random girl here?

Devin: Hold the phone..if there's a girl here.... and Jayden's boyfriend is suppose to be here. THINK Devin, you can do this. Beauty AND Brawn. It can only mean....

 Devin: OH GOD.. What have  I done!

Jayden: Guys I want you to meet someone really special to me. This is Kimberly!
Kim: Hey, it's a pleasure to meet you both.

Kim: Well, that went well!
Jayden: It was a disaster!

Kim: Babe, it really wasn't that bad! They seem pretty good, after we got your dad to sit down. You're mom took it surprisingly well. Although she just kept repeating "brunette, figures." Whatever that means.

Jayden: I know it's just the way they.. stared.
Kim: We'll get through this, hun. I won't let anything bad happen to you.

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