Thursday, August 4, 2011

the party to adulthood

Libby: So as you can see, Stephs not here right now. Thanks for bringing his book, I'll make sure h--
Cara: Yeah so you can take your skank ass out of here.

Ami: Excuse me? And what exactly did I do in the first place?
Cara: Ahhh so you're going to stand here dressed up to the nines, NOT trying to impress MY boyfriend?
Ami: Like I said before, I'm off to my own date. With someone much better, thank you.

Cara: Ha really now? Cuz the last time I saw you, you were drooling all over my man. And guess what? He picked me.
Ami: You are so delusional.
Cara: HA!

Ami: You know I have had about enough of this. You can say whatever you want, we both know who he'd rather be with. It's just that YOU don't have any one else to venture off with, and got stuck with him.

 Cara: That is IT! YOU ARE GOING DOWN!
Ami: And what are you going to do? Coward!

Stephan: I'm ho-
Cara: *smack*
Ami: *Umphf!*

Ami: Get over here you little..
Cara: Take that!

Cara: Umpfh!
Ami: Not the face!

Cara: Shit.
Ami: And don't make me show you again

Stephan: Car, you okay?
Cara: Uhh yah... I just gotta..gooaahh!

Cara: Ahhhhhhh!!

Cara: Umph, umph umph, take THAT!
Stephan: I really don't think beating up a couple of butterflies is going to help.

Cara: Steph! Uhh.. I'm really sorry, I'm just really not a fi-, I don't know what I was thinking..
Stephan: Yahh *ahem* I'm pretty sure that was the last thing I was thinking of walking into.

Stephan: But I have to admit, it was pretty hot.
Cara: Ha oh really now?

Stephan: Definitely. But I wouldn't recommend making a habit of it.
Cara: Agreed.
Stephan: Well Street Fighter, how about we 'hit the showers'
Cara: ???

Cara: Much better idea then the showers.

 Stephan: Sure is.

 Stephan: HEY! Libby what the hell?

Libby: Wha? I'm doing laundry, and it doesn't seem that you're using them.. *giggle*
Cara: Uhh but that..

 Stephan: *tink*
Cara: Soo, we're both here in the hot tub.. without any clothes..

Stephan: Seems that way.
Cara: Stephan, over the years of being with you, I've really grown as a person.

Stephan: That's not really where I thought this was going but.. I feel the same way Cara. Here I was always searching for the perfect girl for me, and she has been right under my noes this whole time.

Cara: You really mean that Stephan?
Stephan: Of course. We're about to graduate, and become adults soon. I couldn't think of a better person to go through it all than you.

Cara: And I want it to be with you as well.
Stephan: What are you saying Car?

Cara: I'm saying that I'm ready to take that journey to .. adulthood with you.
Stephan:.......... For real?

 Cara: *giggle* For real.

Stephan: This is so not like you... not like I'm complaining or anything.
Cara: Like I said Steph. I've really grown up. This is the new Cara, and I'm not letting you out of my sight. Is that going to be a problem?

Stephan *stands up*
Cara: *giggle* Doesn't look like there's going to be a problem......

 Cara: How long do you think that old lady was standing there?
Stephan: Uhh.. I think enough.

Later that night

Kim: I brought hotdogs. I would assume that's fine?

Buck: Hey Steph! That's probably the only kind she puts in her mouth!
Kim: -_________________________-

 Stephan: Okay guys! Gather round.. We've been together for the long haul. There has been good and bad times for us all, but we've all made it through together. It only makes sense if he all grow up..

Stephan: ..together, too!!
Everyone: *cheers*

Stephan: Meghann, I'm surprised you're this excited for everyone.
Meghann: Pshh, screw that! I can't wait to see how I look.


Much better..
Meghann *under breath* and maybe to see what you look like..

 Stephan: What was that?
Meghann: Hrmm? Nothing..

Stephan: Woo let's go bro!!
Samual: This was a nice turn out..


Exactly Lincoln.

 Whew! Very studly.

On to the rest of them....




 Who's legs do thhhhese belong to?

Cara! She's so grown up *sniff*


Danita! (I forgot to take a picture of Buck.. so just check him out in the back LOL Poor thing)





Stephan: How about now?
Kim: No Steph, you're still not my type.

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