Thursday, August 4, 2011

the next door to open

Cara: Uhh.. Morning Sam
Sam: .....

Cara: What? Why do you keep staring at me?
Sam: .. well.. you're sort of... hanging out, there. *ahem*

 Cara: Well you don't have to keep staring at them! Gross.

 Libby: So, uh, you guys were pretty loud last night.
Steph: Oh yeah, Ha! Sorry about that.
Libby: Hehe hmm. Oh hows the real estate going?
Steph: Oh I was thinking of us maybe staying here with you guys. It should be fun, eh?

 Libby: *cough cough* Whaaat?!?!
Stephan: ...............

Stephan: Libby, breathe now. I'm kidding. I found a place yesterday. We'll be moving out today.
Libby: Oh thank god! Don't get me wrong, I love you guys. But there's just soo much naked I can handle.

 Cara: Okay you can stop staring now. When will this stop?
Sam: Uhh, probably when you decide to wear some clothes.

 Steph: Hey
Cara: Hi *blush*
Sam: Oh god no! Not again.

 Sam: You can stop now. I'm not looking anymore..

Sam: Well this mornings gone down the toilet.

Later that day..

Stephan: *uncovers Cara's eyes* Welcome home.
Cara: Sweeeet Jesus!

Cara: Stephan.. this is OUR house? It's like.. it's.. it COULD EAT THE HOUSE I GREW UP IN, AND STILL HAVE ROOM FOR MORE!
Stephan: Haha, don't be silly Cara, it's a lot smaller then my parents house, and Jamis house too.

 Cara: How could you afford this? I mean, we JUST graduated.
Stephan: Cara, come on. I'm an Ashton.

 Cara: I don't know if I can get use to this lifestyle. I'm just a simple girl.
Stephan: Well there's only one way to find out.


 April: You don't like it?

 Jolee: Well it's not like I don't like it! It's just, well you look so adorable. I'm not use to seeing you without the.. edge.
April: I can't be.. cute?

Jolee: Well.. err. OF COURSE YOU CAN.
April: Mhm.. anyways, I'm glad I ran into you. I have something important to ask you.

April: Well, you know how Joe and I are getting married soon.
Jolee: Yeah sure, you like told me the night you proposed. 

 April: Well....  I want you to stand up beside me.

Jolee: Ha Pshhh. Good one April. You know how much I hate weddings. You couldn't possible actually mean... oh my goodness you're serious?

 April: Pllleaaaaaasseee ??  <(being cute)

 Jolee: Do I have to wear anything really stupid, frilly, puffy, or a ridiculous bright or ugly coloured dress, that will never get worn ever again?
April: No.
Jolee: Do I have to give a long speech about how love triumphs all, and cry about how much I wish I'd find the same love in a man?
April: No.

Jolee: Then I'll do it.
April: Yes! Thank you! 

 Jolee: But I have to get going, it's getting dark and the..
April: ..vampires are going to come get you, I know. You know there's going to be some time in the future, where I'm going to have to kick all those vampires ass for you.

Later that evening..

Joe: April??

 April: Ahh shit. You don't like it either. I told my mom she'd be the only one..

 Joe: No, no. You look.. amazing.
April: Really? You don't have to lie, I can go grab my hat.
Joe: I love it.

 April: Aw, I love you.


Mel: Okay shugs, I'm home now.. oohh.

Mel: Uhh, guys? Okay... I'll just let you two finish up there.

 Joe: Sorry Mel, we didn't hear you walk in.
Mel: No, 'cus when I walk into a place, I don't damn near yell, or anything like that. So when y'all moving out?
April: Soon. I found the greatest place.


  1. ur blog is absolutely the best i just luv it

  2. I Love The Ashtons!(:

    And Where Did You Get Cara's Hair After She Aged Up? I Want It :3

  3. Nice cover pic xD

  4. @ Yummy - Not 100% sure. I'll have to check in game for you. I have a feeling it's a conversion.

    @ Choux - I was trying to go for the hand on the small of her back.... not an ass shot LOL

  5. Cara's aged up hair looks like a Rose Sims hair to me, it could be Savio or Tumtum's version too...

    Butt-grab cover is my favorite. :) Also have to remember that April/Joe is canon in Jillie-world, not April/Keiji! I'm so used to seeing that in my own game XD