Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome the Past

Elda: Uhh, de duh. Hmm hm hmmm
*knock knock knock*
Elda: Hrmm? I'll get it!

Elda: Oh. It's you.
Cole: Don't give me that, Elda. 

Cole: Come here, babe. I missed you.
Elda: Mhm, I'm sure. What do you want Cole.

Cole: I'm here for you. It's time to come back Elda. You've made your point. I get it. I've been an ass lately. But I've learned from my mistakes. You'll see. What do you say?

Elda: I say, that you'll never learn your lesson, and I don't need you anymore.
Cole: Don't need me anymore? How do you think you pay for all the shit you buy?
Elda: Oh really? Well then why don't you just cut me off then?

Cole: I could never do that to you Elda.
Elda: Oh but you can go and cheat on me, like you've done to every other girl?
Cole: I did nothing of the sort, Elda. She was lying. She planted the panties in my coat, hoping to get money out of me. You of all people should know what people will do for some extra cash.

Elda: Cole, I can't do this anymore.
Cole: Elda..
Elda: No. We both know, it's better if this stops now.

Cole: Babe, look at me. Stop lying to yourself. You know you feel the same way about me, as I do you. You're a strong woman, and will carry on no matter what. But why not be happy.

Cole: With me

*door swings open*
Dion: Woah sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.

Cole: And who is this? Elda?
Elda: Uh, my roommate.
Dion: The names Dion. But I'm late for work. I'll check with you later, bud.

Cole: Elda?
Elda: Haha, yeah that doesn't look the greatest. But it's not what you think.
Cole: It never is.

Jolee: Elda? Who was at the door?
Elda: shit!
Cole: Jolee?

Elda: Forgive me?
Cole: For whaaaa

Elda: Jolee!
Jolee: What the hell was that? Omg are we under vampire attack? Dion said vamps don't knock first!

Elda: Err What? I mean. Yeah! I totally kicked their vamp ass though.. So we're good.
Jolee: Oh good. I was worried.
Elda: Yeeaahh. That's what I'm here for, heh.
Jolee: Well I'm off to work now. Keep me posted, we might have to get back up, if it continues.

Elda: Suure. bye! 

Cole: What the hell did you do that for?
Elda: Well.. What else was I suppose to do!?
Cole: Elda.  She doesn't know does she?
Elda: Well.. er.. I never had the opportunity?

Cole: Whatever, I don't want your excuses.
Elda: Mhm.

Elda: Suure, make yourself at home.
Cole: I did pay for it. I might as well enjoy it.

Elda: You can't stay.
Cole: Now, now. I think I could get use to this place. The paparazzi don't know I'm here yet.
Elda: I mean it, Cole.

Cole: You can't tell me what to do. This is just as much my house as it's yours.
Elda: Except my name is on the land title and not yours.

Cole: A minor detail. Which a little money can always fix for me.
Elda: Is that it huh? A little money to fix all your problems?
Cole: Not all my problems.

Cole: Come here.
Elda: *gasp*
Cole: I'm not sure how to fix this problem.
Elda: I think you know what you're doing. Take those silly sunglasses off. We're inside.

Elda: There. That's better... stop looking at me like that.
Cole: You're the one who wanted them off.

Elda: I don't think we should be doing this Cole.
Cole: You've said that already.
Elda: And I mean it Cole. 

Elda: Here I'll make us both a drink and then we can sit down and talk this out like two adults.

Cole: Elda, I love you. I want to marry you, and start a family.

Elda: You want to.. with me.. Cole.. I..I think you should leave.

Cole: Fine. But I know you want that too.


  1. awwwww!wait is Elda preggers???or were they talking about them going out or something?confused here!lol

  2. In the last upload Elda and Jolee had a little argument and touched base a little on the subject.

    To sum up Cole and Jolee use to date, but then Cole ended up cheating on Jolee with Elda. Elda and Cole ended up dating, and Elda sort of "ran away" from him.

    And No she's not Preggers Lol I think she would kill me if I did that to her.