Saturday, April 2, 2011

the sidestory

Originally created on January 25, 2010

*mature content ;) *

 Dion: ...Take my hand, we'll make it I swear, Woahh Ohh Living on a prayer...

Car: Thunk!
Dion: Oh no no no! I just fixed you, please don't die here in the middle of.. never mind.

Dion: *bang bang* Jolee!! Answer your door

*bang bang*
Jolee: Omg, omg. What if it's a, it's a vampire? Come to suck me dry. I'm too young to die now.

Jolee: Dion? What the hell are you doing here at my doorstep at 1:30 in the morning. You almost gave me a heart attack!

Dion: Sorry Jolee, I was heading home from the gym and my car broke down.
Jolee: No, no it's fine Dion. I'm rather glad it's you. I was worried a vampire caught my scent or something.

Dion: Jolee, if a vampire wanted to kill you, they wouldn't knock.
Jolee: That's not comforting.
Dion: How about we get you inside before you have a panic attack.

Jolee: Jees you are filthy! Here give me your clothes.
Dion: Uhm, what?
Jolee: Your clothes. Take them off, I'll wash them.

Dion: Uhh, but..I'm not wearing anything underneath.
Jolee: Oh... uh.. I'll get you a pair of sweats.

Dion: You really don't have to do that Jolee.
Jolee: It's alright. Besides I'd rather not let you get my house dirty.

Jolee: So.. uh.. would you like some coffee?

Dion: Yes! Coffee, would be perfect. Thanks.
Jolee: Okay I'll.. go do that then.

Jolee: *he's not wearing anything under those..Oh god, don't stare.*

Dion: *Wow, she is fine.*

Jolee: So do you like milk on your body-- err in your coffee?
Dion: Yes.

Jolee: Ahhhh! *crash*

Dion: Oh shit, Jolee! .. Jolee?

Jolee: ..... err?....
Dion: ... Jolee?

Jolee: Uhrm?
Dion. Come on Jolee, wake up now..
Jolee:.. God?

Dion: Heh, something like that.

Dion: There you are. How are you feeling?

Jolee: Omg, how long was I out for?
Dion: Uh, maybe 25 minutes?

Dion: Are you okay?
Jolee: What? Me? Oh yeah fine. So you won't be getting a tow anytime soon. You might as well stay the night. We'll get you a tow first thing in the morning.
Dion: Sounds good.
Jolee: Here you can take my bed.

Dion: Now how could I go on calling myself a gentleman if I go and make such a beautiful woman sleep on the couch?
Jolee: Uh,, erm alright if you insist.



Jolee: *Oh Jolee, don't do this to yourself. You know thinking like that only causes trouble. But it's Dion. Everyone knows he's not ready to settle down. Stop making excuses for yourself. Resist woman, resist.*

Dion: How did you sleep? Your head not bothering you now?
Jolee: Ha! No I'm fine. Not the first time I've fainted before
Dion: I can believe that.

Jolee: So the tow said it'll be here in about an hour or so. They could probably give you a ride.

Dion: Thanks again for everything, Jolee. I don't know what I would have done without your help.
Jolee: You'd probably get eaten by a vampire, so your welcome. Thanks for uh.. taking care of me.. 

Dion: It was my pleasure. I'm just glad you didn't hurt yourself. You sure fell like a sack of potatoes.
Jolee: Haha, yeah.

Dion: So.. *why does she have to wear such a tight, low cut shirt.*
Jolee: Yeah.. *why can't I stop thinking about his lack of underwear.*

Dion: I really don't know how I could ever repay--

Jolee: I think I hear the tow.
Dion: Yeah I think I should go now.

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