Sunday, April 3, 2011

Three Is Company

Originally Created February 8, 2011

 Elda: Ahhh! So much better huh?
Jolee: Omg. How did you afford this?

Elda: Ha Jolee! Come on it's me!
Jolee: I know, but still. I'm in utter awe! This is like THE dream house.

Elda: I thought you'd like it. Now are you gonna come inside, or just hang out here?
Jolee: No no, I'm coming!

Elda: Here's the living room. I've already went to your place and grabbed your things.
Jolee: My things? You mean... you want me to live with you?

Elda: Well duh? You think I'm going to live in this big house by myself? Here's the kitchen.
Jolee: It's huge! I can't believe you'd let me live here.

Elda: You're my best friend, Jolee! You're the first person I thought of. Little office. That door leads out to the garage.

Elda: Here's my bedroom.
Jolee: This sure suits you good.

Elda: What you don't like the pink?
Jolee: I think I'd rather gauge my eyes out then have this much pink.
Elda: Oh.. err you might not want to see your room.

Elda: Ha! Just kidding. I knew you'd kill me if you did. Green for my little nature freak.
Jolee: Omg Elda! You out did yourself! Wait, why do I have the biggest room?
Elda: Well, I thought if you're boyfriend wants to live here you'd need more room.
Jolee: .... Live here? That's a little.. not.. No, I think living by myself is better

Elda: Ohh Jolee, you're still all freaked out about boys? When will you learn, how amazing they are.
Jolee: Uhh yeah no thank you. I'm perfectly capable on my own.
Elda: Then why do you have a boyfriend.?
Jolee: He's a boy, and my friend. And we just do.. things together. Oh look car pool! See you after work!

After Work...

Dion: Mmm, now this is a place you deserve to live in.
Jolee: Ha! The garden is amazing! Have you seen it? I could of just died.
Dion: And living with your best friend?
Jolee: Err.. it will be interesting. 

Dion: Interesting? How so?
Jolee: Oh well, let's just say you haven't seen the most of her. You could say she's a free spirit, she doesn't mean to offend people or anything.. but. Well you'll probably see for yourself.

Elda: Oh hey guys! Didn't know you'd be home so soon. 

Jolee: Gahh! Elda, what the hell?
Elda: What? I was doing laundry!
Dion: Err..ahh..

Elda: I'll just grab these clothes and get on my way/
Jolee: Enjoying your view?

Dion: Uhh, what view? I'm uh, just looking at you!
Jolee: Yeah I don't think you were just looking at me.
Elda: Oh Jolee, give the boy a break. How could he not. Having two gorgeous women in front of him all the time.

Jolee: Is that so Dion? You want both of us, all to yourself?
Dion: Uhhh, er..

Jolee: That's of course, if you think you could handle us both.
Elda: Maybe we should go upstairs and start, and if he feels up to it, he can join in?
Jolee: Good idea Elda! Does that sound good to you Dion?

Jolee: ... Dion..?

Jolee: Dion? Helloooo

Dion: Hurm?
Jolee: Glad to see you back.

Dion: I just had the craziest dream! You were asking me to have a threesome with you and Elda.

Jolee: Hahahhaha! Me ask you to have a threesome?

Dion: Yes, Elda came down the stairs, and she wasn't..
Elda: I wasn't what?
Dion: Oh my god! It isn't just a dream
Jolee: Hrm?

Dion: You are an amazing woman, but don't worry I'm ready for this, no need to start with out me.

Jolee: Do you have any idea what the hell he is talking about?
Elda: Not at all.
Jolee: Okay.. so I was thinking.. what the hell Elda?!

Elda: What? Don't look at me like that. It's not like you haven't seen me in less then this.

Jolee: Yes, but Dion hasn't!
Dion: I'm going to go upstairs..
Elda: What?! I thought you said he was just a friend you did things with. I didn't think it would bother you, this much!

Jolee: You know what, maybe me moving in here, isn't the greatest idea.
Elda: Jolee.. you don't mean that!

Jolee: I do. I don't know if I can trust you anymore. Ever since you stole Cole I've just never been the same.
Elda: I didn't steal Cole. He came to me, he said you broke up with him.
Jolee: Whatever, it just doesn't matter anymore Elda.

Elda: Please Jolee, believe me! I would never do something that hurtful to you. I love you! You're like my sister. Please stay, I'll do anything!
Jolee: Okay, I'm listening.

Elda: I was never trying to steal Dion from you. I think you guys are perfect together. I was seriously doing laundry and I didn't know you'd be home so soon.
Jolee: Well, I did get to leave early.. But still you can't walk around like... this.
Elda: I won't I promise! Never again! Please, please, please.

Jolee: Okay. I'll stay. We'll need to make some ground rules.
Elda: Of course!

Elda: You have to know, I would never do anything to hurt you!
Jolee: I know, I know.... Wow! You're skin is soo soft!
Elda: Thanks! It's that coconut body butter, would you like some?
Jolee: I'd love some. Would you be able to get my back? I can never reach all of it.
Elda: Of course! Come with me.

Dion: There IS a Sim God.


  1. Loving it Jillie! Super Hilarious! And how cute does Dion look in those shorts. Yum!


  3. who made that house?I WANT IT!

  4. Thanks ;)!

    denizzo made it from SimsTR
    You can download it