Saturday, April 2, 2011

the match maker

Originally created January 30, 2010

Jolee invites Joe, April, and ... Seb? Over for dinner.

Seb: Good evening, April!
Joe: *snort* salutes?
April: Erm, you too, Seb.

April: I would quite down over there. He could kick your ass
Joe: Ohh okay. *snickers*

Seb: Hey! I'd listen to the lady. You don't know the things I've seen!
Joe: Seb, you've been stationed in Bridgeport. You haven't seen anything either!
Seb: But.. I will! And then.. you better watch your mouth!

Jolee and Joe had some nice bonding moments...
Jolee: So...
Joe: You have a nice home...

While April and Seb danced in the kitchen.

Joe: You look soo beautiful tonight.
April: Aw, I have the sweetest fiance!

April: I love your cousin and all..
Joe: I know, I know. Being alone with you is soo nice.
April: I think I have a plan!

Mel: April, I already told you I ain't dancing.
April: Mhm, we'll see about that. 

A few drinks later..

Mel: Yeeehhhaaa!
April: What's this? A dancing Mel? And she's smiling.
Mel: Shove it, shug!

Mel: Woaaaahh! Ooof.

Man: Are you alright miss? Here, take my hand,  I'll help you up.
Mel: Whaat? Ohh, thank you.

Man: Everything in the right place mam? You sure took a nasty spill there.
Mel: Ohh,, yeah I'm fine. Thank you again.

Man: Well that's good to hear. I wouldn't want anything to happen to such a pretty lady.
Mel: Oh gosh. Stop it, you'll make me blush!

Man: The names Daniel.
Mel: Daniel. It's nice to meet you.
Daniel: And your name? Or do angels even have names?
Mel: My, my don't you have a silver tongue. The names Marie-Ellen, but you may call me Mel, shugs.

April: Well look what you caught Mel! I'm April, I'm her sister-in-law.
Daniel: I'm honored to meet you April. You've sure snagged yourself a fine family.
Mel: *swoons*

April: I sure have. How about you guys follow me, and I'll buy you both a drink in the VIP lounge.
Daniel: How could I pass the chance to get to know such two lovely ladies. I'd love to join you.

Mel: I take back all those nasty thing I said about you.
April: What nasty things..
Mel: That doesn't matter now, hun. Let's go get our drink on!

April: Well would you look at that!
Mel: What, shug?
April: You DO own a bathing suit. And here I thought I was going to have to buy you one.

Mel: Well I sure as hell, couldn't go around buck naked in front of such a gentleman. My, he would think I was some floozy. 

April: I think I should change my name to cupid.

Daniel: Here I thought you couldn't get any prettier, and then you go and prove me wrong.
Mel: Well, aren't you the sweetest man I've ever darn met.

April: Mission accomplished.

April:  My work here is done.

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