Sunday, April 3, 2011

Besties for Life

Originally created February 5, 2010

Jolee: Thanks for walking me home from work, Dion. It's nice not to have to waste energy and take a taxi, or risk getting attacked while walking home.

Dion: Oh, it's not a problem. Maybe you'd like it if I walked you inside. You know, make sure there's nothing hiding under your covers.

Jolee: OMG, you think something could do that? Like a vampire?

Dion: Haha, no Jolee. I was implying we go have sex.

Jolee: Oh, in that case ..It wouldn't be too much trouble for you, I'd hope
Dion: No trouble at all miss!
Jolee: Ohh my hero *giggle*

Jolee: Hmm, that's weird. I don't remember leaving all the lights on.
Dion: And it would surprise you to leave lights on?
Jolee: Well no I guess not. I just don't remember doing so.

Jolee:*gasp!* Ohh noo..
Dion: What? What's wrong, hun?
Jolee: The door is unlocked.

Dion: So, maybe you just forgot to lock it, I sometimes forget.
Jolee: Ohh no no. That's something I would never forget. EErrrm..
Dion: It will be okay, I'll protect you.

Elda: JOOLLLLLLEEEE!! Ahhhhhh!

Jolee: Umph!
Elda: Omg I found you! This is great! I missed you so much! And we have so much to catch up on! It will be just like old times!

Jolee: Hi Elda... What exactly are you doing here? In my house.. where you don't have a key.
Elda: Ohh don't be silly! I got a key made today while you were at work! The locksmith was VERY helpful!

Elda: You know how helpful men are to ... Oh hello.. Mm Jolee you should introduce me to your.. friend?
I hope.

Jolee: Elda No! Don't even look at him.
Elda: But I was jus--
Jolee: No, you weren't nor will.

Elda: Okay, okay jees. I won't.

Elda: Hello hot stuff, now what's your name, I'll want to remember that for later!
Jolee: Elda!
Dion: .. hi..

Dion: .. I'm.. uh..

Elda: What's that?

Elda: Hello?

Jolee: Nice!

Later then evening..
Elda: Well, Jolee's off having a shower, I'll go do what a best friend is suppose to! 

Elda: So do you make a lot of money?

Dion: Do I look like a doctor to you?
Elda: True.

Elda: Have you ever went to bed with multiple lovers?

Dion: Are you offering?

Elda: Tempting..

Elda: But non of the less, I wasn't.

Dion: Why not? I'm fit!

Elda: That's true. Well I'm a professional photographer, you could always strip down, and I can take pictures of you!
Dion: Uh.. maybe not that fit.

Dion: Wait, you're a photographer? I never thought someone like you would be behind the camera.
Elda: *sigh* Neither did I. But it turns out EA doesn't think modeling is an awesome career to bring back.

Elda: He's really sweet.. hmm.. and hot. I really need to talk to Jolee about that threesome deal.

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