Monday, February 7, 2011

the knight in shining armour

originally created January 14, 2010

April: Hey babe! The party doesn't start for another couple of hours.
Joe: I know, but there was something I'd like to ask you before.

April: Yeah of course!
Joe: Well I was wondering if you'd like to move in with me. I know you bought this house and everything yourself...

 April: Oh yeah, that's a great idea! I'd love too. Plus your place has a killer view!
Joe: Really?
April: I mean I sure love my place. But where would the babies go?

Joe: I love you!

Adeyle: This party is going to be awesome. That's my baby girl, inviting her ol Mom. It's 'cuz I'm cool like that.
Seb: Yes Mrs A.
Adeyle: Mom, Seb. Call my Mom.

Adeyle still partying hard.

Adeyle: Good to see, you're still kicking it real Em.

 Jolee: I just wanted to congratulate you on your engagement. I'm really happy for you.
April: Aw, thanks Jolee.

 Adeyle: Did I just hear her right? My baby girl is getting married?
April: Yes Mom. That's a big reason I wanted you to be here. At my engagement party.

Adeyle: Oh hunny, I'm so happy for you. I'm glad everything worked out!
April: Not surprised at all?
Adeyle: Oh goodness no. Jami got married after all.

*Ding Dong*
Everybody: Huh?

Joe: I'll get it, hun.

Joe: Hello, can I help you with something?

Will: Hm. Now that depends on who you are.
Joe: Well, I'm Joe. I'm April's fiance.

Will: Ah! you're that pansy ass you wouldn't put out. Now that I see you, I guess I could see why she would of jumped at my offer.

Joe: You're that filthy firefighter scum.

Joe: How dare you come here after you dragged her name through the mud like that to the press
April: Joe? Who's at the... Oh.

Will: Well Hello there my little Sex Kitten. How about we ditch this place, and have another fine time?

April: First of all, I am not nor will I ever be your sex kitten. Second of all, I would not go anywhere with you, even if you were the last man in Bridgeport.

Will: Oh I see how it is. You truly are the little whore I whipped up for the press. Here I thought you actually wanted to jump ship for a real man. I guess you think just because you're an ~Ashton~, you can just go around doing anyone you see.

Joe: Don't you ever talk to or about my girl like that again.

 Will: Oh and what the hell are you going to do about that?

Joe:  *slap*
Mel: Well, this is where the party is then.
April: Uh, Mel? Has Joe been in a fight ever?

Mel: Hmm, not unless you count when me and him use to wrestle in the backyard a few. I sure kicked his ass mind you.
Joe: *Lunges*
April: Oh dear..

 Will: Eiiiiaaaahhh!
Mel: Well I'll be. That boy damn near touched the moon.

 Mel: Shugs, I never knew you had it in you.
Joe: To be honest neither did I.

 Joe: Now, I want you to get the hell out of here. And if I ever see you so much as glance at my future wife, there's a lot more where that came from.

 Jami: and then he was all pow, pow..
April: Haha, that's my boy!

April: I could just lick him all over.
Jami: Ugh, and you think I'm the perv.

 Dion: Just wanted to say that you're party is awesome.. woah Adeyle? Adeyle Ashton.

Adeyle: Of course! Here you go.
Dion: Omg, thank you so much.!
April: Yes, thank you soooo much Mom.

 Adeyle: Oh Joe, you're the best son in law a Mom could ask for.
Joe: Awe, thank you Adeyle.
Seb:Hey! I'm a son in law!

Devin: Hey hun, I'm sorry I'm late.
April: I'm just glad you could make it! I have some wonderful news!
Devin: You have cake?

April: Erm.. no? But, me and Joe are getting married!
Devin: Who's Joe?
April: My boyfriend... for ever.
Samuel: It's funny how they talk about you, like you're not here.

 April: And I'm going to move in with him. So I'm giving the boys my house! They'll be adults soon, so it won't be a big deal.
Devin: My little girl is getting married? And.. wait the boys will have this house? But I could get them a much better house.

April: And  what exactly is wrong with my house?
Devin: Well nothing sweetie, it's just.. really little.
April: I bought and paid for this thing with my own money!

Devin: I know that hun, but you could have had a better house if you would of let me buy it for you.
Samuel: I like the house.
April: Ugh, you're ridiculous Dad!

 Devin: Hmpf!
Dion: Uh.. I know this is bad timing and all, but I just wanted to say, I'm a big fan. I have all your movies.

Devin: You see? I don't need you defiant little thumb suckers, I have people who love me.
April: Omg, you're such a priss.

Dion decided to entertain the ladies, by dancing. They don't seem impressed.

 Dion: Yeah.. I work out.

 Adeyle: Oh my, I can't look.
Jami: I can't look away.

Dion: Woo! After party~

Dion: Dayum, now this is a party.
April: We really should start talking about what colour napkins we should have. Ivory, or eggshell?
Dion: You know, I'm actually feeling a little tired *fake yawn* Thanks for a great time though.

 Jami: Yeah I'm kind of tired, too. I'll just catch a ride with Dion

 April: We shouldn't let her get in that taxi.
Adeyle: Oh hunny calm down. Let her have her fun. She's still young.
Joe: Yeah, plus she has a family already, she can make good decisions.

 Jami: I have a loving husband, and two gorgeous girls. I have a loving husband..

 Adeyle: You're more a like then you care too admit.
April: I am not like my sister.
Joe: Ugh..
April: I wouldn't say anything right now, if you want to be alive for our wedding.

April: May I remind you mother, that I only got picked up from the cops once. And I was just playing the guitar, not doing god knows what.

 Adeyle: Oh April, you need to relax a bit. You're still in your prime. You all should be having the time of your lives. Well, when me and your father were your age, we'd be out all night, almost every night. Even when you kids were born. We were getting frisky as much as possible, acting like teens with raging hormones!
Joe: I shouldn't be hearing this..

April: Joe's right Mom, we really don't want to hear about you and Dad getting ~frisky~.
Adeyle: I'm just saying. Speaking of your father, where the hell is he? I invited him out a long time ago.

Devin: Umpfh, umpfh.

Devin: Oh yeah! This is my jam!

Samuel: Please. If there is a sim god, make this stop.

 Devin: Samuel! Come over here and dance with your father. This is how you rock a party. Woo!

April: Ugh.. I'm really sorry about early tonight. I really didn't think that would happen..
Joe: It's alright, hun. We'll get over all of this.

April: I truly love you Joesph.
Joe: and I you April. As much as it hurt. The thought of losing you hurt more.

April: Woo, I can't wait to marry you!

Mel: Mmm

Joe: *snicker* This will teach her to skinny dip in my hot tub!

Mel: Hrm? Joesph? That bastard took my clothes!

April: Please tell me, I'm not dreaming.

Joe: Only a dream come true.


  1. Hey! I love love LOVE the legacy! It MUST go ON! PLEASE...???

  2. Thank you so much :)
    I will try my best. Just been really busy lately.

  3. You're welcome :) And no pressure at all!

  4. Anonymous27 May, 2011

    I LOVEE IT! :D

  5. April, Adeyle, Devon, and Jolee are up for download in the Download tab at the top. More will come.