Monday, February 7, 2011

the new lifestyle

Originally created December 8, 2010

April moved out, and took her two brothers with her.

Great for the boys, since school is just right across the street.

Joe is having a hard time focusing, ever since him and April grown up.April:blah blah, ba blahJoe: Boooooooobbs

April: So then she got squat. Get it?

Joe: Hrm?

April: Okay, I'll start from the bicycle part. So the bicycle..

 Joe: You know, I bet it's a very funny joke, hun. But how about we take advantage of you and me being alone, finally?

 April: Bahahaha alone? Hahah
Joe: Why are you laughing? What's so funny?

*cue twins*
April: Well, it would be a grand idea, if it were true. I invited the boys to live with me.

Joe: The boys live here too? But why?

Samuel: I have a feeling they're talking about us
Stephan: No shit.

Samuel: Wait wait, I'm sensing a privacy issue
Stephan:Do you ever get tired of listening to your own voice?

Joe: Okay, well how about we go out back?

Joe: Good to see you got the hot tub installed.Looks like we'll have alone time after all

April: Is that all you men think about?
Joe: *gasp* 

Joe: It might be, if I ever got any.

Joe: April come here. I'm just playing around. You mean way more to me then getting into your pants.

 April: Thanks Joe.

Joe: If anything, it makes me love you more.

April: Aha, yeah okay. Wait love me? You love me?
Joe: I already told you that. At the beginning.

April: Yeah, but that was teen romance. This time it means something.You're honestly in love with me?

Joe: What do you think?

April: I love you too, Joe.

April: Would you like to stay over, tonight?
Joe: Yeah of course.

April: Could this be true love?
Joe: You coming?
April: Absolutely

Samuel: Libby!

Libby: Sup, S dawg?!

Libby: Sammy, what's wrong? You're silly face is sucking major.

Samuel: Well, I'm just not a big outdoors person. 

Libby: Then why did you ask to met at a lake?

Samuel: Well, I know how much you like the outdoors. Just thought.. you'd like.. to.

Libby: Oh Sammy. That's the sweetest thing. But let's go somewhere indoors. You look like you might faint from all this fresh air.
Samuel: Good idea, I know of a place.

Stephan just got off work, and decided to kick it at a local hangout.

Stephan: Need an opponent for shuffle bored?
Claude: Sure
Stephan: Well you can shuffle my board anytime.

Claude: Ahh how do you people find me?

Stephan: What? I thought it was kind clever.
-in the background-
Libby: Oo, this is totally my scene.
Samuel: I thought you'd like it.

Libby: Oh yeah! Kicked your ass again! You really should practice more.
Samuel: I have been..

Libby: I'm gonna watch the pianist, alright?
Samuel: Yeah of course! I'll be here... practicing.

Stephan: You dated him?
Claude: The bass player? Yeah.
Stephan: Phff I'm totally more bad ass than that guy.

Libby: Woo! You rock!
Stephan: Hold that thought.

Stephan: Hey. I'm Stephan.
Libby: Ah yeah! I remember you from school. The name's Libby.

 Libby: Well, I guess I'll see you at school. Looks like Sammies ready to leave
Stephan: Sam?

April: Well welcome to the neighborhood!
Dom: Thank you! And the new look?

 April: You look awesome!

Samuel: Yeah last night was awesome. Totally should do that again. This weekend? Awesome.
Dom: Aw, young love, is it?

Dom: You live here with your younger brothers?
April: Yupp! It's great. It's like I'm living alone. They're always out. So I get the house to myself most of the time.

Dom: So they have more of a life then you do?
April: Oh dear god, you're right. That's so sad.

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