Monday, February 7, 2011

the mistake

originally created December 27, 2010

Samuel: Leann Hey! Glad to finally meet you.
Leann: Likewise. Libby has told me soo much about you. Yay for me

Samuel: She talks about you too. She tells me you're really into science.
Leann: Urm.. yeah.
Samuel: Well I have a joke for you.

Samuel: A small piece of sodium which lived in a test tube fell in love with a Bunsen burner.
"Oh Bunsen, my flame. I melt whenever I see you . . .", the sodium pined.
"It's just a phase you're going through", replied the Bunsen burner.
Leann: Hahahaha!

Leann: Haha That's great.

Samuel: Hahaha

Leann: Haha.. 

Leann: Okay enough! Go find your brother before he goes emo.

 Samuel: Stephan?
Stephan: What do you want Samuel?

Samuel: You okay buddy?

Stephan: She's gone Sam. And not just from the party. From my life. How could I not have seen how much she means to me?

Samuel: Well, I'm sure she's just mad right now. That's all. She wouldn't just kick you out of her life.

Stephan: Sam, you got to help me. I can't let this be the last time I ever see her.

Samuel: Don't worry bud! Me and Libby will talk to her. Everything will work out, you'll see.

Stephan: I hope so, since she's my only shot at something real.

April: Sam, why the hell is there a girl here after 2am!
Samuel: Well Stephan had a party, and she's the last to go.

April: You had a party and not ask me? You guys are both cleaning this all up and then grounded for the week, or I'll tell Mom, she can have her boys back.
Samuel: I didn't even throw it!
April:You didn't stop it either!

Samuel: I knew I was the one going to get in shit!

The next day....
Stephan: Holy shit! What do I do!

Stephan: Ahhh!
*door slam*
April: Steph! WTF!

April: How did this happen?
Stephan: I don't know! I just came outside to throw out some trash and it was a blazing

April: Not even fire is a match for me!

Firefighter: Excuse me miss, but somebody called, where is the fire?
April: Uhm, sorry I kind of put it out before you got here.

Firefighter: Ahhhh! You mean I came all this way for nothing!

April: Hey! My names April, I'm really sorry for calling and then putting it out. I thought it might have been bigger then it really was

Firefighter: It's okay. The names Will. I'm just happy that nobody got hurt.
April: I wish I could make it up to you. This is across town for you.

Will: Well you could go on a date with me, and all call it even.

April: Oh well, I'm sort of seeing someone at the moment, but..
Will: Ohh I see. I understand I'm sorry I didn't mean to over step. How wouldn't you be taken.

April: Well, I don't see any harm in one date. I just need to get changed. Haha, and so should you. Meet me back here in an hour.
Will: It would be my pleasure. I'll see you in an hour.

April: Holy cow! You clean up pretty good

Will: Uhm thanks.
April: Well let's go, I know a great quite place.

Will: You have got to be the most beautiful thing I've laid my eyes on

April: Did you seriously just say that to me?
Will: Well of course. Is there something wrong with that?

April: How about that I have a flippin boyfriend! Or have you forgot again?
Will: I'm sorry! I didn't think it was that bad. I'll keep my mouth shut then.

April: Will..
Will: No I'm sorry. I didn't think that you'd even accept in the first place. It's fine. If you want to leave, then so be it.

April: Will I came over here to apologize. I shouldn't yell at you. What you've said was very sweet. I was acting like a monster. I'm sorry.

Will: No, I should understand. I shouldn't over step my boundary like that.

April: It's okay. I forgive you. It was very flattering. Thank you.

Will: So does that mean I have permission to tell you how beautiful you are..

Will: ..and how I'd like to take you home and ..*mumbles into her ear*
April: *gasp!*

April: You need to behave yourself, sir.
Will: And will you have to punish--

April: Jolee! I'm not going to let him "plant his seed" in me.
Random Guy: I'd like to plant my flower in her

Jolee: Okay, but be careful. I haven't heard good things about him.
Random Guy: Plant it, indeed! MMph!
April: Thanks for the warning Jolee. But nothing will happen.

Will: I'll have to see about that.

Will: April, I know how much you're probably sick of this, but I just can't help it. There's something about you, and I just can't control myself around you.
April: I know what you mean. I feel drawn to you. But Will.. I can't

Will: He doesn't control you April. If you want something, you should always go for it. As an artist you should know that. Emotion and passion is what you live for. Don't hold yourself back.
April: I don't want to. But..
Will: Then don't.

April: Will! No, we can't do this, it's wrong.

Will: Did it feel wrong?
April: Well, no, not exactly, but..
Will: Here, let's try it again.

April: Dear jesus, help me..

April: I totally see why girls have half naked firefighters calendars. You could be the cover!
Will: Ha! April, I never thought I'd hear that from you.

April: Well, jeez! I'm not that much of a prude
Will: Well, that's good to know..
April: Uh... Will.. what is your hand doing?

Will: What do you think it's doing?
April: Uhm,.. erm.., welll.... I haven't had sex yet!
Will: ?  is that a joke?

April: What? No! Of course not! Why would that have to be a joke?
Will: Oh honey, someone like you... Is your boyfriend gay, or something?
April: Well no. I guess we both want it to be something special.

Will: Well if you want it to be special, why wouldn't you want to practice, to make sure you give him the best time he could possibly have?
April: But, er if we practice then the first time won't be special.
Will: You could practice with me. I could show you what guys like, that way when you're with him, it will be perfect. You could kill two birds with one stone.

April: Well I guess that makes sense. But it just doesn't seem right.
Will: How about this, we could try and if you feel uncomfortable we will stop, okay?

April: I guess.. we... could try...


April: *Oh no. What have I done? How am I going to tell Joe!*

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