Monday, February 7, 2011

the redemption

originally created January 3, 2010

 Mel: Mmm, I've got to get me one of these.

Joe: What the hell is she doing out there?

Mel: Hey cuz!
Oh, dear lord, Mel! Put some clothes on, I don't want to see that!

Mel: Oh Joesph, relax! We use to bathe together, there isn't anything you haven't seen before!
Joe: I was 3! This is just.. urhh.
Mel: If you're going to be a baby about this, I'll put my clothes on, just chill out.

Mel: I'm gonna make you my Stu Surprise! You still like that now don't cha?
Joe: Yes, Mel. Thank you.

Mel: So while I'm cooking this right up for yah, how about you tell me about your little firecracker? I like her!
Joe: Mel, I don't really want to talk about that.
Mel: Joseph, I did not fly across the globe just to be your darn help.

Joe: Uh. We're kind of separated. And I guess, she's waiting for me to make up my mind. I don't even know what to think myself. Of course as soon as I'm leaning toward taking her back, she goes crazy, like you saw the other night.

Mel: Oh that poor girl, she damn near broke my heart, she did. She might as well of been pleading for her life. Love makes you do crazy things, shug.

Mel: I really like her, cuz. Girls don't wait for ever, though. If you wait too long, she just may be gone.
Joe: Maybe she would be happier without me anyways.

Mel: Hold up! Is this the same girl, from highschool?
Joe: Well erm yeah. Why?
Mel: Well I remember one summer, that you came out to visit me, and you had a little 7 minutes in heaven with a scrawny little Savannah Reid.
Joe: That's different!

Mel: Ohhhhh! Right, I forgot. When the man feels like testing out different waters, it's A okay. I bet your mama would be awfully disappointed to know what type of man you grew up to be here in the big city.
Joe: No, it's different, because we weren't actually dating at that time, and me and Savannah never did anything.
Mel: Mhm.. well hurry up and grab a plate before she get's cold.

Joe: Thanks again for cooking Mel. This is just like grams.
Mel: Well bless your heart. That's the first compliment you've given me this whole time.

Joe: Mel?
Mel: Mhm.
Joe: Do you really think I'm not hurting through all this too?

Mel: I don't know, hun. All I've seen from you is anger. You won't open up and say what you feel. Us women are pretty talented, but we ain't mind readers.
Joe: Well, I am hurt. She stabbed me in the back, I trusted her with everything.

Joe: I was going to propose to her. I still have the ring. I don't know what to do Mel.

Mel: Well, to already have the ring, that says something big about what your heart wants.

Joe: But Mel, that was before I knew, before she told me what she did. If we were meant to be together, then there would have been no need to do something like that.

Mel: Oh shugs, I know. But think of where she stood. She didn't have to tell you. But she did. If she didn't care about you she wouldn't have wanted you to know the truth. That right there shows big character. Your feelings matter to her. Having a completely honest relationship is a huge thing in a lasting relationship. But so is forgiveness.

Joe: Maybe Mel. *pause* I'm tired, I'm going to go to call er a night.
Mel: Okay cuz. Just promise me, you'll think good and hard about our little conversation. Let your heart decide, not your head.

Joe: I will Mel. But even if I come to that decision, she might already be over me.
Mel: Oi, your as dense as a London fog.

 Joe. Hmm..

Joe: How did we let things get so messed up?

Joe: I love you April. If you love me still, please let me know.

Mel: Mphf!

April: Just press the talk button.. just press it..

April: Hey Joe?.. Yeah Hi.. yupp, it's me. Could you meet me at the park?.. mhm.. an hour? Sure, I'll meet you there.

April: Hi..
Joe: April, I want to apologize for blowing you off like that the other day. I understand the stress of everything I'm putting you through. There's something I'd like to ask you.

April: Jist! I have something I'd like to ask you first!
Joe: April.. I think you'd like..
April: I said jist!

Joe: April, what the hell are you doing down there?

April: Uhm.. what does it look like I'm doing..on second thought, don't answer that 

April: Joesph Windham, would you do me the honors of being my husband? And letting me keep my last name... no offense.

Joe: April, you really didn't have to do this. I was going to ask you the same thing. I've had this ring in my pocket for a month now.

 April: So.. is that a yes? Don't leave a girl hanging.

Joe: Of course it's a yes!

Lena: Now how are we going to take pictures for mom, if you don't have a camera!
Morgan: Well, er I don't know. I thought you were suppose to bring it.
Lena: Uhh, I can't believe I shared a womb with you.

Lena: Ew, why would mom want pictures of this? It looks like they're about to kiss.
Morgan: I think we helped mom out, by forgetting the camera
Lena: Agreed.

Morgan: Ew
Lena: Called it! Let's go swing before I want to claw my eyes out.
Morgan: Mhm.

April: You're my sweetest little thing. I will never let you go.

Seb: Ahh what would bring you to this lovely park!

April: I know you and Jami got Lena and Morgan to spy on me.

Seb: It was all Lena I swear it!
April: Mhm...

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