Monday, February 7, 2011

young and the clueless

originally created December 14-15, 2010

 Carisa: Hold the phone! You went on a date with that ice queen?
Stephan: Car, I know. Shut up
Carisa: Oh Steph I didn't know you could go so low.

Stephan: Excuse me? Do I have to remind someone about Terrell.
Carisa: Stephan, that's different that was when we were 8

Stephan: Or what about Buck Starr.
Carisa: -eep- I don't know what you're talking about.
Stephan: Ha, yeah, didn't think the Ice Queen is so bad now, huh?

Carisa: Steph, you need to find yourself a good girl. Someone nice, and goofy. Someone you get a long with. You never know, you could of known her all your life.

Stephan: Car, what do you think I've been trying to do? Do you think that for some strange reason, I'm just picking up girls, to get rejected?

Carisa: Well, maybe you're looking in the wrong places...
Stephan: And where would that be, Car?

Carisa: Oh look Glee is on! Sorry I can't hear you over, all the glorious singing, he he.

April: As if, you just ruined this picture perfect moment.

Across town Adeyle,
With some other random dude in the hot tub.. er.. 

April: -gigglesnort- Mom? What the hell are you doing?
Adeyle: Ahh! April. Erm Hey. 

Adeyle: Um, I'm just soaking up my youth, would you like to join your ol' Mom, for a night on the town?
April: Hmm, not really no. Hrm. These your clothes mom?
Adeyle: Yup, that pile right there. Thanks for picking them-- April? Where you going? shit.

Adeyle: And to think she was my favorite.

April: Haha did you totally see my Mom? That was great
Joe: Yes, I saw a lot of your Mom, in those brief moments.

Seb: Smile! *ting*

Morgan: derp!

Lena: I wish for a pony, and to grow up beautiful like my Gma!
Jami: Er gee thanks!

Morgan: I hope you grow up average.

Morgan: *giggle* Guess my wish came true. You look like dad.

Lena:What do you mean I look like dad?

Stephan: I'm throwing a party tonight, you in?
Samuel: Uhm, did you ask April if you can?
Stephan: Sam, she's our sister not our Mom

Samuel: I know Steph, it's just I like this living situation..
Steph: Don't worry she won't even know.

Later that evening...
Carisa: -Eep!- What the hell is he doing here?

Carisa: Ew, or them?

Carisa: Omg, you guys are having a party!
Samuel: Well, er yeah. I thought you would get that, from the phone call.

Buck: Hey Carisa, you're looking beautiful tonight.
Carisa: Erm.. thanks Buck.

Meghann: Carisa, hey! Love your look, you know the one you've had since second grade.
Leann: I'll kick her ass if you want Carisa.
Carisa: Don't bother, the Ice Queen isn't worth it.

 Let's meet a couple of our guests...
Leann. She is Libby's best friend. She's a little odd, but probably the best friend someone could ask for.

 The Ice Queen.. I mean Meghann. She's one of the most popular kids in class. She's a spoiled brat, that thinks way too much of herself.

LOL this is Buck Starr. He's not the most dashing male you can find around town. He's lazy, and a down right slob. Oh and he's in love with Carisa.

This is Ami. She just transferred to their school. She's a year older then everyone, but probably has the maturity level of a 5 year old. 

Maurice is spunky guy, who loves gadgets. He's been head over heels for Ami, since they first met. But he's super shy, and would never have the courage to talk to her.

Terrell, has a great character, not really the smartest, but he will try his hardest anyways. He's goofy, with a heart of gold.

((I forgot Danita, whoops))
Finally we come to Lincoln, he's been a good friend of Stephan, back since they were kids. He lives in a small apartment with his dad, who is usually drunk. He's trying his best to become the opposite of his dad.

Stephan: Oh my, Ami actually came to my party.

Danita: Yeah we want to talk to you about that.
Meghann: You better not try anything on her. It took us a long time to make her who she is now.
Danita: Yeah, and we don't want her to loose her rep, with dating someone like you.
Stephan: You both realize, I have more money and celeb status in my one finger, then both of you combined.

Stephan: Ami, I'm so glad you came.
Ami: Oh Steph, thanks for inviting me. I'm having a great time already.

Meghann: Omg, Danita are you seeing this? He's actually trying

Danita: Hey man. We tried to warn him. When he gets shot down, it's his own fault.

Stephan: Thanks Danita. You're the sweetest.
Ami: -chuckle- Don't listen to them Stephan. If anything they should be laughing at me.

Libby: What the hell is your brother doing over there?
Samuel: Well it looks to me that he's sweet talking Ami.
Libby: Is he a retard? Carisa's been in love with him, since... well kindergarten. He's going to break her heart.

Lincoln: - Oh shit, dude, stop it. Look away-
Carisa: Lin, what the hell do you keep looking at?
Lincoln: Nothing, I don't know what you're talking about.
Carisa: Spit it out. Now..

Lincoln: It's just Stephan's ~talking~ with Ami.
Carisa: What do you mean ~talking~..

Ami: I never thought someone with your status would ever even look at me.
Stephan: I couldn't look away, if I wanted to.
Danita: Omg, they're actually.. I can't even finish this sentence
Meghann: What is this world coming to..

Buck: Leann loooking gooood! Aha
Leann: Buck, you have 3 seconds to get out of my face, before I make you.
Buck: Okay, I'll check you later.

Carisa: Stephan..
Stephan: Hrmm?

Carisa: So what have you and Ami been chatting up about? You guys seem to be all.. clicking.
Stephan: Yeah it's great huh? Who would of thunk your advice would work

 Carisa: My advice? That had nothing to do with Ami.
Stephan: Well when you said 'look somewhere else' it hit me! If I date an import, then it might work out.

Carisa: An import? And what's wrong with the rest of us? We're not good enough to be in your special celeb status bubble?

Stephan: Car, you know that's not what I mean at all. I'm just saying that to date someone that's been here the whole time must not be what I need. You said it yourself, 'look somewhere else'.

Carisa: And what do I look like? Chop liver? When I said go look somewhere else, I meant right under your nose, you big stupid jerk.

Stephan: Car.. I don't know what you mean.
Carisa: If you don't know by now Steph, then you're not worth it anymore. Who's always been there for you? Me. Well not no more. Have a nice life Steph.

Stephan: Car! Carisa come back. Wait!

Stephan: Car! Where the hell did you go? Carisa!

Stephan: I didn't know. I'm sorry

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