Monday, February 7, 2011

the adventure

Originally created November 26, 2010

Jami finally leaves home. Travels across the bridge..

..and takes a chic penthouse in the city.

 Living Room





Adeyle: Hey Vincent. Oo, you don't look to happy today
Vincent: stupid *mumble* doesn't know when to keep it in his pants *mumble*
April: Vincents moods are like a work of art.
Samuel *gigglesnort*

Samuel: To be honest, Vincent scares the living bajesus out of me

 April: What's gotten into him lately?
Samuel: Mom says it's Dads fault
Devin: Thanks son

Vincent: .. and then I have to clean up after them. I'm not getting paid enough for this
Maura: Oh Vincent, you need a vacation

Joe: So, we've been seeing each other for quite a while huh?
April: Mhm

Joe: How do you feel about taking this to the next step?

April: You mean like.. going.. all the way?
Joe: Yeah

April: I'm sorry I can't do this
Joe: Did I do something wrong?
April: No no, it's just I'm not ready for this

Joe: Oh I see
April: Don't be upset Joe..

April: So you see it's the perfect idea! You have your own place, the rents won't even know
Jami: I'm not going to lie, I'm impressed. I always pinned you as the angel.

April: Okay, so I'll call the traveling company
Jami:I just can't believe I'm not the badass anymore
April: Hey it's not like I'm going to bang some Asian dude. I have a boyfriend.

April: Thanks for the cover sis! I owe you
Jami: Yeah, yeah. Have fun in China

April made it to a small town in China. Hoping there wouldn't be too many 'star spottings' to blow her cover

 She would ride her bike through the gorgeous landscape

Take in the beautiful view

And fish until..

She would catch one that would make her brother proud!

April would then give a few Kick-n-miss'..

and good slaps

Until she would get a belt to match her flower.

She stumbled upon a museum for lost soldiers. As she was taking a mental picture, she stepped on something. *click*

She turned to her left, and noticed a staircase appear.

Stubbed her toe on a rock.
April: OW, wth? Ohh, you must of fell out.

 April: Here I'll put you back

April: Soo, I read on some sparkling board that you need some assistance
Woman: Yes that's right, I need a brave person to walk in to the mouth of the dragon, and bring me back an ancient artifact
April: Well, I'm pretty good at this stuff. It just comes natural to me. I'll get it

Okay look at the Dragon head. Yup, now look under the trees. See that peach blob? Yupp that's her.

April: Hrmm, I'll just grope a little here. Press a little here..

April: Sweet Jesus

April: What have I gotten myself into.

April: Ooo Shiny!

April: Ahhhh! Not so shiny!

April: Gotchya!

April: Hi, it's April
~Hi Babe! It's Mom! Just wanted to know how being with your sister is.~

April: MOM! Heeyyy. Uhmm Great! It's perfect, wonderful. You know how it is
~ *pause* Okay *pause* Well, can I speak to her?~
April: NO! I mean.. she's sleeping right now.
~It's 2 in the afternoon~
April: Well, you know how hard Jami parties. 
~True. Well have fun then! Stay out of trouble now!~

April: I'm not from here. Me speak no Chinese
Yei: Yeah that's fine. I speak English.
April: Oh *blushes* Well, I came here alone and I'm bored, and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out

 Yei:You came across the world by yourself?
April: Urm Yeah.
Yei: Cool. Let's go eat I'm hungry

Store Keeper: Why you let the white girl touch the machine?
Yei: Oh come on Uncle. She's cute

April: AhhMyGawds! I made a cookie!

April: "We have eyes everywhere" Hrmm.. that's not creepy at all.

((If I saw ANYONE waste that many eggrolls I would beat them.))
April: Thanks for the great time! Fortune cookies are awesome.

She went back to the Academy, and earned herself an orange belt

With her new found talent she tried to scare off the paparazzi that's been following her this whole trip

 Took a final moment with the gorgeous scenery

and found something inspiring?
April: *giggle*

Samuel: Ahh April, my dear sister. You're looking quite cultured
April: What are you talking about Sam?
Samuel: How was China?

April: What? How did you found out about that?
Samuel: Oh that doesn't matter. What does matter is that I know

April: Please! You can't tell them. 

Samuel: I would never think of turning you in. As long as you do my homework for a month

April: How about I promise not to pummel you into the ground?

April: I mean it!
Samuel: Okay, okay I swear!

April: Oh Dad, I saw your new kung fu movie! It was the shit.

Devin: Why thank you April! I wasn't sure if I got the scenery just right.
April: Oh no Dad! It was quite authentic.
Devin: Well that means so much to me. Especially coming from someone who's been there.

April: Shit
Devin: Yeah. You're grounded until you're like 40.

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