Sunday, January 23, 2011

the second generation

So I finally took some family pictures. I've never made one before Lol And of course I start with the largest family I've ever had, haha Couldn't decided on which one I liked the most so you get all three Lol!

This one I love how everyone is standing, and everything but I hate the stupid outdoor lighting. 

I really like this one too.

This one was only taken so you could actually see Jaydens face Lol.
Maura ran away, so I was like W/E you just don't get to be in it then! 


On with Jami's birthday! Woo! One person out of the house! Lol

Not too shabby!

I'm actually quite impressed with how she turned out.

But now that she's an adult, she's allowed to get some work done.*cough cough*

Not that I think she needs nearly as much as before. I really like her eyes<3

 Jami: Hey! Aren't you Ricky Bailey? We met once at the The Prosper Room

Rickey:We did?
Jami: Yeah, I'm Jami Ashton
Rickey:Oh, wow! I didn't even recognize you. You look great

Jami: I know right? It's awesome
Ricky:Would you like to dance?

 Jami: Yeah of course!
Belisama: Oh gawd, not him again!
Jami: Hold that thought, I'll be right back

Jami: What's wrong now? You remember him, eh?  We had a thing
Belisama: He really turns you on,eh

Jami: Come on, B! It's my birthday. Please please.

Belisama: Go get him tiger

Jami: Eee! Thanks B you're the best
Kai:Whats about me?

Creepy old man, is creepy.

Dancing shots..

Ricky:I had a great time

 Jami: Me too

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