Saturday, January 22, 2011

the young love

Originally created Nov. 24, 2010

 Stephan: Aww, can't let April see this. *stuffs in pocket*

April: Ohmygawd! Stephen! Look look what I caught!
Stephan: I think you should stick to painting.

April: *sigh* you're right.

So she put her rod away and decided to play her guitar at a pub. She even gathered a crowd.

More people and a band mate

Glancing up, she realized the time. And got ready to bolt home

But was a little too late
Cop: You Ashton girls are going to make our jobs a living hell

Devin: Not like your sister, huh?
April: Shove it, Dad

Stephan made a new pal, Lincoln

 Stephan: Liking this new friendship, and all. But why is there a women passed out in your bed?

Lincoln:  Urm, I think she might be in showbiz, my Dad usually brings them home.
Stephan: Does that cost money?
Lincoln:  My dad says she's well worth the money. Whatever that means.

Not a good start. I forgot to give her a birthday cake. So have a shot of Adeyles ass instead
It seems all the kids are scared of Devins genetics.

 But I think Jayden turned out cute

April: Do you remember that boy, Joe?

Jami: That kid from the house party? Your cuddle buddy?
April: Yeah that's him
Jami: What about him?

April:I think I'm in love
Jami: You think? Have you even kissed the boy?
April: Well no. What does that have to do with anything?

Jami: April, come on. How can you be in love with a boy and not kissed him yet?
April: You can fall in love with out kissing! Hello, have you not watched a Disney movie in your life?
Jami: Oh you're hopeless


 April: Hey Joe! Thanks for coming on such short notice!

Bartender: Enjoy the love kids!

April: Ha! What a joke. *hands Joe a drink*

 After guzzling down the love potion they went for a little jam session

Joe: Wow, you're really good April! Have you took lessons?
April: Nah, just taught myself. My mom use to play, so it must be genetic. Look like her, might as well have her talents.

April: Hey can I tell you something? It's been on my mind for a while
Joe: Oh of course. You can tell me anything

April: Well, er. I don't know how to say this, with out sounding like a tard
Joe: Don't worry. Anything that is important to you, is important to me.
April: Okay. I think I'm falling for you. When ever I'm with you, I get butterflies.

Joe: You're not shitting me are you? This isn't some sick joke, Jami put you up to?
April: Haha, Joe no of course not.

 Joe: And it's not just that love drink talking?
April: No, I've felt this before tonight.

Joe: Then April Ashton, I have something I'd like to ask you
April: Yes?
Joe: May I kiss you?

Adeyle: You're pretty cute for a brunette you know?

 Jayden: Grr! Roooarrrr. NomNom *shakes head like a dog*

Adeyle: Bless your hostile little heart.

April: Maybe if I stroked horizontally..

April: Er, no. Maybe more blue? Er Dad! Hey

April: What do you think of my painting so far?
Devin: Well, it's a little creepy right now.

Devin: But I don't know anything about art, so it could be a masterpiece.

April:If you took me to China, I could paint some pretty landscape. And it could help you with your next movie. ~Inspiration~, enh?
Devin: Hrmm, that sounds like a good idea April

April: So you'll take me to China!
Devin: No

April: Ahh COME ON!

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