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the pool party

 Originally created Nov. 23, 2010

 April: Oh, coffee, where have you been all me life?

April:Erm, why are you in my kitchen? It's 6am
Seb: Well, I'm Jami's boyfriend, I sometimes sleep over. Who are you?

April:Oh, okay. Well Hi! I'm April.
Seb: Nice to meet you, I'm Seb

Seb: So who are you exactly?
April: I'm Jami's younger sister.
Seb: You don't look anything like her

 April: How about now?

Adeyle: Oh dear god, not again. What are you doing with my daughter?

Seb:  Why, I was just complementing on how well April grew up
Adeyle: Ahh yes! She is my bundle of joy
April: Nice save.

April is very artistic

Seb: Dear lord, what is that hideous noise?
Adeyle: Yeah! You hear that? The next time you feel like groping my daughter, you just think about hearing this noise for the rest of your life.

Jami: Don't be frightened. She can smell your fear.

April: So how's that book so far? You've been at it for a while now.
Seb: Uhm, well I don't know, I haven't really read any of it.

 April: That would make it quite difficult to know anything. Pondering something?
Seb: Erm, no *scurries away*

Seb: Eep, she talked to me

April: Buttons? Jesus, how uninspired can I get? I need some fresh air.

April:Give me a something inspiring, please.

April: You're not very good at this, are you?
Bartender: Sorry

April: .. and then I painted buttons. Buttons?! What gallery would except that!
Bartender: Might, I suggest something miss? How about go on a trip? Exotic places could be good for some new eyes.
April: Why yes, that's brilliant! 

Adeyle: I wish, for no more babies. From my uterus OR my daughters. Until they are 40.

Adeyle: Eee~ Go Me!

Adeyle: No wait, wait. I'm not ready to be old!

Seb: Thank you, sir! I'm a big fan of your work
Devin: Just remember I have eyes. Lots of them. Touch my daughters, and I will know.

Jami: Not enough eyes.

April: And hopefully on your birthday, you will grow up like me. But not as pretty of course.

April: Mom, how old are you?
Adeyle: Old enough to play with dolls

Adeyle: You know sweetie, you really have some talent. I'm impressed
April: Uh yeah, not really. My last drawing was buttons
Adeyle: So, I like buttons.

April: I was doing some thinking. Can I go to like China? I could get a new outlook on life.
Adeyle: NO!! I mean. You're too young to go.
April: What? You took Jami to France!
Adeyle: And realized she was too young, too late

April: Stupid Jami. what the hell did she do. I could be in China by now.


April: Seriously, mom is crazy! There I was in Jaydens room with mom, and I suggested I should go to China. You know for inspiration with my art.
Jami: Oh really? What did she say?
April: She yelled No, and said I'm too young. But she took you.

Jami: Women have needs April! I couldn't help myself. He was French!
April: I don't even know what you're talking about!
Jami: Oh, never mind then.
Devin: Errr whaat? 

April: Okay.. Well do you want to go out. Hang. Be sisters?

Jami: Not if you're going to bring me to one of those boring art museums. 

April: Well, it's better then sitting on your ass, and not doing anything

 Jami: Want to have a pool party?

April: Hell yeah, I want a pool party.
Jami: Sweet! I'll start calling people.


Wendel: Damn, little April grew up fine.
Joe: Don't talk about her like that. She's a goddess..

April: Hey guys!
Wendel:Hi April...

Maura: Mistress, do you think it's wise to be serving the kids adult beverages?
Adeyle: I don't see anything harmful in this
Vincent: Let there be drinks Maura. Let there be drinks *takes one*
Belisama: OMG! They have a Simbot!

April: Oh no you don't

April: Thanks for coming Joe. It's nice to see you away from school
Joe: Ahurmmm a hurm

April: Erm Joe? Hello.. anyone home?

April: Screw this. *takes in deep breath*

April: *gasp, cough cough*

Joe: What the hell? April weren't you on the other side?
April: Yupp, sure was

Joe: How did I not see you come over?
April: I went under the water.

Joe: I love house parties.

Curtis: Great drink Ms A!
Adeyle: Why thank you Curtis! See Maura, the kids like it.
Maura: I still don't think this is a good idea

Jami: There you are baby! I thought you'd never show up. Look at you being all manly.
Seb: Uhm, Jami maybe we should chill for a while. I'm an adult now.

Jami: Uh yeah. I don't get it. I don't see what the problem is. I'll be an adult soon enough
Seb: I have a career to think about. Dating an underage won't look good for my rep

April: Would you like to cuddle?
Joe: Do you even have to ask?

April: *giggle* You're cute
Joe: -fanboys-

Joe: **ILU <3.**

Jami: Hey you follow me, I have a story for you

Jami: You know what? Have your space. Me and you are done
Seb: Jami, come on. You have to understand.

Jami: And there's nothing wrong with me. It's you.

Seb: Jami, think for once. If I'm going to support you later in life, I can't ruin my name now.
Jami: Too late for your career now, we're done

Seb: Nice touch on the tabloids, by the way.

Jami: Aw, how cute are they?

Devin: Uhh.... Am I interrupting something?

Maura: Vincent! Do something, this kid is playing my piano naked!
Vincent: Oh how I loathe house parties.

April: Vincent? Are you drinking?
Vincent: Yes, You vile children drive this ol fool to drink.

Seb: So I guess you heard that me and your sister broke up
April: Mhmm, why?
Seb: Wanna go make out, or something?

April; Ew no! Are you crazy, why would you ask me that?
Seb: Are you kidding? Your sister's a yeti compared to you.

 April: Are you stupid?
Seb: I think the trade in is quite smart actually.
April: I'm in a younger grade then Jami, you pedophile.

I guess Vincent had enough with the party and left, to visit someone in town.

April: From now on, parties happen on weekends, and Mom doesn't bar tend
Jami: Agreed, my head is pounding.


April: Woo! This outing is going to be awesome!

 Joe: Wow, I'm with a celebrity tonight
April: Ahh, they probably just taking pictures of me because think my mom got work done.

Joe: Well if I was the paparazzi, I'd take pictures of you all the time.

April: Ahh, that's creepy, but sweet of you. Thanks.
Joe: Anytime.

April: Thanks for a great time Joe!
Joe: No thank you! We should hang out more.
April: Definitely.


April: Ahhmygawd! Go Steph!

Devin: So you had a date tonight?
April: It wasn't technically a date dad.
Devin: Oh okay, cuz I know how much boys Jami goes through, and was just wondering.

April: I am not my sister.
Devin: Okay. Sorry. for, thinking.. anything? Yupp, I'm going to go stand over there.

April: It's okay Dad. I'll forgive if you take me to China!
Vincent&Maura: Take her please!

April: Jesus, what's got Vincent in such a rage?
Jami: When isn't he in a rage?
Stephan: Maybe he got locked in the garage again.

Adeyle: Grow up pretty

Stephan: Oh no. Does that mean I got Dad's genes? 

Samuel: Did Mom get work done? She looks quite youthful

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