Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the "wonderful" news

Originally created on Nov 13, 2010

Townie:  Hey Adeyle!" *waves frantically*
I'm sorry random person she doesn't even know, she's too busy right now.

Winning a Sim Choice Award. Oh yeahz!

Adeyle:  Mommy's going to teach you to walk.
April:  Boooobz

 Adeyle:  No over here, hunny.

 Adeyle:  "There you go! Good job!"
April:  *Booooobz!*

Devin:  Good Morning, Sim Choice Award Winner, and how does she feel this morning?"
Adeyle:  Erm, a little nauseous, actually.

 Devin:   Oh really? That's weird." *Super change into clothes* "Well I got to get to work, and my phones ringing. Busy, busy, busy. Bye Love!
Adeyle:  Hrmm. What's wrong with him?

 Later that morning...
Adeyle: *Searches.. swollen boobs, nauseated, tired..* Hrm, symptoms of pregnancy, Nope, top 10 signs of being pregnant, nope...


April:  Rawwrr.. rawr."

 April:  Rrr.." *door slams* "Hrmm. Dada home now?

 *muffled yells* 
April:  Hrmm, I'll stay in here

 Adeyle:  You sniveling little sneak! How could you do this to me. And you knew, you KNEW!
Devin:  I had my guess yes. But I didn't know. I'm not a doctor.
Adeyle:  Oh! It takes a degree to put on a rubber?! Good to know.

Devin:  Honey I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I thought you were on the pill still.

 Adeyle:  *bleh* "I. HATE. YOU." *bleh*

 *brushes thoroughly*

Vincent:  Are you alright Mame?
Adeyle:  Yeah, just pregnant again.
Vincent:  Damnit! Not another.

 Adeyle:  There you are!
Devin:  Oh shit, she saw me.
Adeyle:  Not you, Jami.

 Adeyle:  Just thought I'd let you know, that your dad knocked me up again.
Jami:  So? What does that matter to me.
Adeyle:  Well, you can thank him, since you'll now be bunking with your sister.

 Adeyle:  OMGZ, I'm pregnant again. What am I going to do?!

 Vincent:  Well, I'll take care of it, like I did the others.
Adeyle:  Ahh, you're a life savor! How could I ever repay you?

 Vincent:  Never have another again.
Adeyle:   Well, It's not like I even want this one in the first place it's Dev--


Adeyle:  Okay, I'm sorry! No more babies, got it.

Adeyle:  You guys always show up, when mommy has a party to go to.

Adeyle:  "BOOOOO! Devin sucks!"
Devin:  *sigh* 

Devin: Hunny, you know I didn't mean to. But I must say, I love the glow it gives you."
Adeyle:  *swoons*"You're just trying to get out of trouble

 Devin:  Look at this face. Would it lie?
Adeyle:  Honestly? Yes, yes it would.

Fangirl:  Wow, Adeyle you are just glowing! Congrats, on the award!"
Adeyle:  Actually I'm pregnant

 Fangirl:  Really? Woah, I wish I could look that good.
Adeyle:  Here. It's VIP passes to my new movie.
Fangirl:  Sweet! Thanks!"

 Adeyle: Does pregnant make my ass big?
Devin:  I'd hit it!

Devin:  Woo! Even though we're popping kids out left and right, the paparazzi still loves us!
Adeyle:  Us? Nah, man. He loves you.
Devin:  How can you tell.

 Adeyle:  He keeps taking pictures of your ass.

Adeyle:  *sigh* I think they should go to school for this.

 Paparazzi:  So Adeyle, you always look so fresh, what's your secret?
Adeyle:  I bathe.

 Paparazzi:  Woah! *applauds* Keep doing it, cuz it works!

Devin with his *cough*manly *cough* drink.

Getting a Phone picture with his manly drink. *sigh* I worry about him.

Adeyle:  It is really hard juggling kids and a career. I really don't know how I do it.I think everyone needs to get a butler.
LOL at Devin dancing by himself in the background. 

 Paparazzi:  Another one on the way you say? Well, I'd love to get a followup interview with you, once you pop!

 Adeyle:  Now you be good. Me and your daddy will be in the pool with Jami."
April:  *sigh* Left out again.

Jami:  *splash* "Ahh! Mom, stop!

 Adeyle:  Aha! What? can't handle a little pool fun!


Adeyle: *glare*
Devin:What can't handle a--
Adeyle:  Finish that sentence and die.

Jami:  1,2,3 Go!

 Adeyle: ((Muahaha! Pregnant doesn't stop me, from kicking ass!))

 Adeyle:  Rich and talented, who'd a thunk it!

 April:   Mommy..."
Adeyle:  Hrm?
April:  There's a scary man behind you.

 April:  I'm scared.
Adeyle:  Me too, hun.*squeezes closer*

....No words can describe this.

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