Wednesday, January 12, 2011

living the high life

Originally wrote Oct. 28, 2010

We start of with Devin gussying up, for Adeyle to arrive. She has a surprise to tell him.

If she can make it out of the elevator, of course.

 Devin:  Where do you hide it?

 The Paparazzi already heard about the good news, except they're not too happy with it being out of wedlock.

So before they hurt Adeyle's status, they decide to get married.

After having the little addition, they need to move into a bigger house. 

Devin: Two bedrooms? Where's the baby going to sleep?

They decided to revamp the whole house. Starting with adding bedrooms to the main level. They kept the Master, and the Butlers quarters, but just spruced them up.

This is the Butlers quarters. I wanted to look classy, but like he's very rich with culture.
His Nook.

Bedroom area.

Study area.


Master bathroom

That's all I've updated so far. They were sleeping, so I couldn't revamp the bedroom just yet.

 Our Simbot with the baby girl, Jami.

The sweet Butler. He makes so much food. ((Thank god for Mastercontroller being up to date. You'll be first to be revamped. ))

After being cooped up in the house with her pregnancy. She head out to a bar for a little jamming session for fans.

Needs a celebrity star boost, to get her career moving again.

 And thankfully, the Paparazzi never fails.

After a long night at the bar, she deserved to relax in the hot tub.
Adeyle: Do Dodo.

Adeyle:  Ah, dum de dum

*grins*  Care if I join you?
Adeyle:  *Is oblivious*  Nah, there's plenty of room, jump on in.

Devin:  Mmm, soo nice in here.
Adeyle:  Mhmm.

Devin: *Glances over*
Adeyle: * Still oblivious*

Devin:  It's really nice, for us to be able to hang out. Alone.
Adeyle:  It is, isn't it?

 Adeyle: Wait, why do you keep looking at me like that?

 Devin: I'm not allowed to admire my little star?
Adeyle:  Awe you're so sweet.

Adeyle: But serious. That face.

 Devin:  "Hmm? What face. I'm just being cute.

Adeyle:  I knew it!
Devin: But you like it
Adeyle: A little bit."

Devin:  I bet you're pretty relaxed now, huh?

 Adeyle:  Almost

Adeyle:  Am now.
Devin: You disgust me


  1. So cute. :)
    I'm liking this legacy :D

  2. Awe thank you so much!
    There's much more to come!

  3. LMFAOO Those last two pictures had me DYING! Very good job 'standing ovation' XD

  4. Thank you! Thank you!