Saturday, January 22, 2011

the first love

 Originally created Nov. 20, 2010

 Jami, is like another typical teenager. She is a troubled teen, who gets overlooked by her family, and is an ~poet~ She's hoping to be a famous author, and make her name known on her own terms, and not just her parents.

She hangs out in the "wrong" crowd.

 and is 100% by boys.

Belisama:  Erm, Jami? Helloo

Belisama: Dude man"*pushes*
Jami: Hey sorry, I totally got that guys number!"
Belisama: That's cool and all, but aren't you forgetting something?"
Jami: Shit, the twins birthday."

Devin: WooooooooOOOooo!"
April:  Omg Dad, could you be anymore lame?


Devin:  Oo, I never get to do this!



Adeyle: Welcome to France, my dear!
Jami: Omg, Mom you are the best!

Adeyle: I know, right? So where do we go first?

A nectary of course!

Adeyle: Omgz.. hunny look at all the booze.

Adeyle: Well, we might as well get started, enh?

Andre: Amoureux, look over there. I'm pretty sure that's Adeyle Ashton.
Aimee: Mhmm, that's nice mon amour.

Andre: She is a work of art.
Aimee: Ahem, I'm still here, you know.

Elliot: Excuse me miss, but are you Jami Ashton?

Jami: The one and only.
Adeyle: Oh jeez, she's already got an ego.

Elliot: Well Jami, my name is Elliot, it's great to meet you. I've heard you've already started working on a book.
Adeyle: You have fun kids, I'm getting more to drink

Jami: Yes it's true. But enough about me. Let's get to know you more.

Andre: Adeyle? Adeyle Ashton?"
Adeyle: Yes?
Andre: Oh bien, I can't believe you're here! This is such an honor.

Elliot: So, now that my wife is gone, coucher avec moi?
Jami: Erm what? Wife?

Elliot: Yeah. Come here, baby
Jami Ew, no way man!

Adeyle: None? You haven't even seen ONE of my movies?

Aimee: No I'm sorry. But if it makes you feel better, you have a gorgeous smile.

Jami: Okay, you and me could never work. I don't do the whole married guys.

Elliot: What? So because I'm married that makes me a bad person? Well maybe if you think I'm such a bad person, I'll go to the press and tell them, how Jami Ashton, is trying to break up married couples.
Jami: Woah, man. Chill out

Jami: Oh Mom it was horrible!
Adeyle: There, there hunny, it will be okay.

Andre: Ahh, to be that close to Adeyles chest.

Andre: Can I have a picture of you, with your daughter?
Adeyle: Mm, can't you see we're having a moment here.

Andre: You're right. How inconsiderate of me. *click, flash*


What a nice thing to come 'home' too.

Random Guy: Ah, mademoiselle, Bienvenue.*kisses checks*
Jami: *blushes* Thank you. I mean, merci.

Jami: You.. erm vous? vous très beau!
Random Guy: Uhm, miss that's just kind of creepy. You're still a kid.

Jami: What? But you kissed me.
Random Guy: No, no. I was just greeting you the way the french do.
Jami: But you're not really french. You're from Egypt.
Random Guy: Ah, "do what the Romans do."
Jami: But, we are in France.

Jami:Stupid Egypt guy, doesn't even know where he is.

Next Morning.

Adeyle: Hey sweetie. Want some pancakes? Enh? I made them myself.

Jami: Mom, that's sweet and all. But do us all a favor and leave the cooking to someone else.


Margot: Oh Adeyle, je vous remercie!
Adeyle: My pleasure. Everyone here is so nice. My husband would have love to be here

Margot:You mean, you're here alone?
Adeyle: No, I brought my oldest daughter with me. She had some research to do for her book
Margot:Ah, well that is very kind of you to do for your daughter. Come inside!

Margot: Are those people taking pictures of you, with their cellphone?
Adeyle: Yes, it happens all the time
Margot: Creepy

Adeyle: Margot, you must simply come stay with me, sometime!
Margot: Grand idea, Adeyle! I will see if I can get my roommate will watch the store.

Adeyle: My family will love you!
Margot: Speaking of your family, where's your daughter.
Adeyle: Uh oh. I don't know.

Pascal: Hello
Jami: Hi

Pascal: I haven't had this much fun in a long time
Jami: Yes, it's been one heck of a night

Jami: Don't move. I want to try something,

Pascal: Oh Jami, you didn't have to be worried. I wanted to do that all night.

Jami: Get out! Seriously? That's awesome!

Jami: I know this is jumping the gun a little. But do you want to be my boyfriend?
Pascal: What? Don't you think that's a little soon?

Jami: I know, it's just I've never felt this way about anyone, before.

Pascal: Really now?

Jami: Yeah really. Why are you staring at me like that?

As you can see Adeyle is trying VERY hard to find her missing daughter.
Adeyle: Broooooom! Splish, splash. Oh noooeezz! Help! Help, I'm drowning. Bvrrroooom!

Pascal: *Wheeeeew. You can do this*

Jami:*Ahh, I can't believe I'm doing this!*

Pascal: Sooo, here we are
Jami: Mhm, here indeed.

Pascal: You know, we don't have to do this.

Jami: I know. But I'm leaving tomorrow, and if we don't now, it won't ever happen.

Pascal: Ready?
Jami: Mhmm

Jami: Wow.
Pascal: Wow, indeed

Pascal *whistles*

Jami: What the hell is up with you?

Pascal: I love you
Jami: I love you, too

*door opens*
Adeyle: I know you said I should never cook, but I made you  MuffinsWhyTheFuckIsThereANakidBoyInYourRoom!

Adeyle: What did you do to my little girl?

Pascal: I can explain! We met last night, and everything just sort of happened

Adeyle: You had a one night stand with MY DAUGHTER! You little scumbag! I should rip your magic stick off right now!

Jami: Mom Please! It isn't all his fault

Adeyle: Your damn straight is isn't all his fault. What were you thinking?

Adeyle: Of all the stupid things you could have done in France, you pick this?!
Jami: Mom, I love him!

Adeyle: You could of gotten drunk, caught by the cops, you could-- excuse me, what did you just say?
Jami: I'm in love mom.
Adeyle: Oh lord. This is even worse, then I thought.

Jami: Don't tell dad please! Please! He would kill me!

Adeyle: I won't tell him. I promise.

Pascal: I don't think your mom liks me very much
Jami: Nah, she'll love you.
Adeyle: I said  I wouldn't tell your dad, I never said I'd keep him alive.

Jami: This has been the best vacation ever.
Pascal: Yeah, I'm glad you were here. How much time do you have?

Jami: I'll be leaving in an hour. Promise me, you'll see me again?

Pascal: I promise.

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