Saturday, January 22, 2011

the quick fix

Originally created Nov. 21, 2010

Vincent: Why Eliza! Don't go back to that schmuck, he's cheated on you 3 times!

Maura: Is this what you do all day, when the kids are at school?

Vincent:Well, what else am I suppose to do?
Maura: Clean the house?
Vincent: Bahh! And miss these great soaps?


Jami: *Moment of truth* Hi Dad!

Devin: Hey Sweetie. How was France? Your Mom said you had loads of fun.
Jami:Aha, Yeah it was great!
Devin: Well I'm glad you're back.

Vincent: Miss Jami
Jami: Vincent

Devin: Ah, don't worry sweets. Don't let the grouch pot fool you, he missed you

Devin: And how I missed you, my love.

Vincent: Ahem!
Devin: I'm not allowed to touch you, am I?
Adeyle: Nope.


Samuel: Mommy, why do I have to drink from bottles? I want those.
Adeyle:Ahh, spoken like a true man. 

Adeyle:You're too big a boy, and too little of a man, for these.  Now come on, start walking to me.

April: Oh, dear god. She's parenting. What is this world coming to.

April: Wait a second! Why didn't I get any parenting. I'm the favorite child.

April: Ahh, they ignore you too huh? Well come on up, just stick with your own blocks 

April: This is a blue box. You can stack them in pretty castles-- Hey you're not suppose to eat that Haha
Stephan: Om nom nom

April: Vincent! He's eating my blocks! Are they even disinfected?
Vincent: Is it a small block?
April: No, you don't have to worry he can't choke on it.
Vincent: Damn

April: *giggles* He doesn't like you very much
Vincent: Don't worry, I dislike you all the same.

Stephan: Wub yous!
April: Ahh you're not such a bad kid, after all.


Jami: Hey Mom! You know how I got some tail in France? Well I was wondering if he could fly in for a visit, and stay here?

Adeyle: Do you really think I'm THAT dense?

Jami: Ugh! I haven't seen him in sooo long. You have no idea what I'm feeling right now!
Adeyle: I have four children. I definitely know how you're feeling right now.

Jami: You understand? Does that mean he can?
Adeyle: No. That's exactly why there's no way in hell that's ever happening.


Devin and Adeyle do a little parenting for the twins.

Devin: So, to turn on a woman, it's all about confidence.

Stephan: And money?
Devin: Ahh, young grass hopper you've surpassed your teacher.

Adeyle: So when you have a girl of your own. We get to fend of all male folk

Samuel: Like this Mommy?
Adeyle: Very good, Sammy!


Belisama: You lost your V card in France?

Jami: Yupp, I think it's time for some celebration. I invited the boys along

Seb:Ohh, who is this woman standing before me
Jami: Shut up, Seb! You just wished it was with you
Wendel: I do..

Jami: Omg B, could you please, get Wendel off my back?
Belisama: How much you willing to pay me?

Jami: Come on B! You're my girl. I need this.
Belisama: I don't know, Jami. He's soo not my type.
Jami: I'm pretty sure he's O positive.
Belisama: Ha funny! Fine

Jami: So you wanna ditch, and go back to my place?
Seb: Isn't it part curfew?
Jami: Yup, and the rents should be off to bed.

Seb: I'm in. Meet you there!

Belisama: You sly dog you.
Jami: What? He's hot.

Belisama: Well durh. But what about your french lover?
Jami: Yeah. He's in France. What would you do?

Belisama: Oh hell, me? I get hot n bothered just looking at the boys picture. He looks mighty tasty

Jami: Okay I left the bar at 1:30am, and I'm suppose to be home by 11. But they should be in bed by..

Jami: Shit... Hey Dad!
Devin: What time is it?
Jami: Urm, 2?

Devin: Yes! Exactly! You're suppose to be here by 11!
Jami: Ahh, sorry?

Seb: I thought he'd never go inside.
Jami: Me neither. Come out back with me.

Seb: Ooo, it's hot in here.
Jami: Yes, that tends to happen with hot tubs.

Seb: Maybe we should take are clothes off
Jami:Don't tempt me.

Jami: Shit I think I heard something. 

Seb: Yeah I should probably header, before we get caught. I'd like to do this again
Jami: Yeah, of course!


Devin: We are hot shit
Adeyle: Mhmm

Adeyle: Ohh Mr Hotshot director, I would do anything to get a role in your new movie

Devin: Vincent would not approve of what you're implying.
Adeyle: And Vincent is not here to stop me

Vincent: Oh no. Please, no.

Jami: Woo!!
Adeyle: Yay!
Vincent *glare of death*

Devin: Hmm, what to wish for?
Adeyle: *That I have food poisoning*

Devin: Ooo, the sparkles tingle

Devin: Ahh yeahs. Still smoking.

Jami: Dad, isn't it Moms birthday too? Why aren't we celebrating hers?

Devin: I do not know. Adeyle, could we have a talk in the family room?

Adeyle: Well, you know. I feel a little under the weather. Not much up for celebrating, that's all.

Devin: Oh god no. You're pregnant.
Maura: Well, from what I can make out, they slept together, and now she's not feeling good
Vincent: That piece of trash.

Vincent is going to KILL me.

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