Saturday, January 22, 2011

the ultimatum

 Originally created Nov. 19, 2010

Jami: "So you're saying that I don't have to only share my birthday with April, but my new baby brother or sister, too?"
Vincent:"That is correct, Miss Jami."
Jami:"And what about my room?"
Vincent:" Well, I would assume if it's a boy, you'll share yours with April."
Jami:"I hate birthdays."

Adeyle: "Woo! Last day of being preggers!"
Vincent: [sarcastic]"Yaay.."
Adeyle:" Why exactly are you taking this picture?"
Vincent:"As proof, that you've conceived your last baby."

 Adeyle: "Damn you baby! I almost made it for a spa day.

Adeyle:"Ahh, Vincent is going to kill me, isn't he Stephan?Yesh he is."

Devin:"Oh Samuel, I hope you like living without a father, 'cuz Vincent is going to kill me."

Devin:"OMG! I'm going to have a teenage daughter! What am I going to do?!"

Jami:" I wish to be beautiful, and that they will see how amazing I am, and let me have my own room, preferably in a different house, but I'm not picky."

Everyone:" Wooooo!"

Jami:" Ahh?"
Adeyle:"Thank the heavens, she's not ugly!"
Vincent:"Could this be? Could children not be the worst? May the good spirits watch over me

Jami:"So not bad then? Sweet!"

April:" Yes Mommy?"
Adeyle:"You're turn!"

April:"But Mommy, I don't want to grow up. I'm cute."
Adeyle:" And you still will be."
April: "But you saw what happened to Jami.."

Adeyle:"Here we'll blow them out together, and both wish you turn out better then Jami, okay?"

 April:"Great, now I get to bunk up with, Jami. I hate birthdays."

April:"Okay I'm not that hideous. There's still hope for me."

Adeyle:" Hewooow wibble baby. *snuggles*
Devin: *taps feet*
Adeyle:" What? Okay, okay, thank you for knocking me up again."

Devin:"So you forgive me then?"

Adeyle:"How could I not? But you know someone else won't.Ever."

 Vincent:" Hey hey now. Back off. Don't even look at her."
Adeyle:" Haha, Vincent, nothings going to happen, I promise."
Vincent:" It's not you I'm worried about. It's him. Men are sly things. He'll attack when you're weak and vulnerable."

Devin:" what? Why am I the bad guy?"
Adeyle:"Devin, do you promise that you won't knock me up, ever again?"
Vincent:" Hrrmm???"
Devin:" Alright, alright. I promise."
Adeyle:" There, happy?"

Vincent:" No. You promised me only one more. And you brought home two. What do you have to say for yourself?

Adeyle:" Blaahhhh blahhhh.


  1. That pic of April next to the counter was the most cutest picture ever =3

  2. It's one of my favorite toddler picture of her <33