Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the second born

Originally created on Nov. 5, 2010

  Thought I'd start off with the workings of the kids bedroom.So instead of the house having a gigantic living room, I've turned it into the family room, two big bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.

This is the hallway to the family room.

Family room.

 Shared Bathroom for the kids rooms. There's a smaller powder room on the other side of this bathroom for guests.

 To kick off this update, Adeyle has a pool party. Which gave her pregnant ass 5 star celeb status. Oh yeah. 
Vampire Paparazzi:  Ahh My god, My eyes!
Guy:  Yes, why exactly isn't he wearing a shirt.

 Adeyle:  "See hunny! Pregnant or not, I'm still hot shit."
Devin:  I wasn't disagreeing

Adeyle:  Woo! Pose for the Paparazzi!

 Paparazzi:  OMGZ! It's Devin!
Adeyle:  You'd think he'd know by now that it isn't rocket science to spot you at your own house.

Tasha:  Awesome Party, Adeyle!
Lolita:  Yeah it was great cos, but he have to head home!

 Vincent:  "Oy, and when they party, I'm stuck with you."

Adeyle: .. and now I'm married and FAT!" *sobs*

Vincent:  I'm pretty sure you're not just fat, my dear.

 Jami((What do you mean, she's not just fat. There better not be..))

 Vincent:  Who's a cute baby! You are. You know what cute babies do? They stay in there so I don't have to take care of them. Yes they do.

 Adeyle:  Time to blow out your candles hun.
Vincent:  Woo! No more changing your diaper!

 I think she has a way too mature face. It looks so odd on a little humans body. Hopefully she'll grow into it.

Adeyle:  OW! No, no, I have a party to go to!

Adeyle:  All I wanted was to become a famous actress! Damn you Devin! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

Jami:  What do you mean they're not home? Where did they go?
Vincent: To the hospital sweetie, to get you a brother or sister.

Jami:   You mean I have to share my birthday too?

 They welcome a baby girl to the household. Say hello to April!

 Adeyle:  Hmm, maybe having kids around isn't such a bad thing. I get to play with all the toys I want!

After working out to get the baby fat off, things got back to normal.
She signed autographs.

Went out to the clubs.

Adeyle: *snort bubble*" Lol, Sweeeet!"

 Adeyle:  Oh lord! That snort bubble is massive!

But she started a new phase. Of scaring people. 
Adeyle:  Bahh!
Tom:  AHhhhhhhhh! *breath*
Adeyle:   Heheh.

 Adeyle:  RAWR! You In MA HOUSE!"
Devin:   BuGah! Adeyle! What the hell!?

Adeyle:  Sorry babes.

Devin:   Yeey! I love Cake!
Vincent:  NOOO! Not another TODDLER!

D'awww! She is so cute. So prepare for spam!

And then all the girls got to play!
Adeyle:  Hehe rocket ship! Vrroooomm!
Jami:  I love you so much. And I love yooou so much.
April:  OM NOM NOM

 Adeyle:  "Ahh, I guess kids aren't that bad. Our girls are quite the sweethearts!
Devin:  Yeah Kids are great!

 Devin: We should make more.
Adeyle:  Okay, NOW you're pushing it.

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