Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the first born

Originally wrote on Oct. 29, 2010

First simmie into CAS, Devon. I didn't have to do too much, since he was a pretty decent find in an EA world.

Just changed up his eyes and mouth, and Peggy skin. Wow, he is a goood peggy skintone sim.

 And now he's a pretty director.

Lol he's such a girl.

Adeyle:  Maybe he won't see me, if I hide behind the computer screen. I don't want to be fat again."

After work.
Devin:  You really tu-
Adeyle:  Nah ah ah, you can't use MY own line back on me.
Devin: Bu-
Adeyle:  Just because you got a makeover doesn't mean it will help you get me knocked up again.

 Adeyle:  Okay.. maybe it does help a little.

Adeyle:  Uhm, I know I haven't been a celeb for that long. But aren't Paparazzi suppose to like, hide?

 Adeyle:  Erm, sir? I can see you.

 Paparazzi: No you can't.
Adeyle: Come on now, really?


Adeyle:  OKAY! Woaahh. These? You see these? Yeah, they're my husbands.

Paparazzi: *Starts running*
"Ahh, OMGZ Adeyle's boobz are bought and paid for! This will make the front page
Adeyle:  *sigh* "That's not what I mean.

Adeyle:  .. and then he thought you paid for my boobs! Like come on, right?
Devin:  Yeah, totally.

 Devin:  Because if I bought them, they'd be like.. HUGE, and in my face all the time.
Adeyle:  You're a pig.

 Adeyle:  Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear- *face in boob*.. Oh sorry! See my boobs are big enough.

Adeyle: Uhh...

~~*Blinded by sparkles*~~

 Adeyle:  Seriously, I made this?


 Adeyle:  "Eep! I mean where did you get the black hair?Are you really my child?

Second sim to be remodeled. Yeah so remember my black Butler? Well... he is now a ginger. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against different races. But EA doesn't know what a black person looks like if one hit them in the face. and when I was changing skintones I put a light one on, and Oo this is what turned out of that.

 Adeyle:  *counts in head* "Seriously, how much am I paying him?"

He might not have the prettiest face, but look at DAT ASS! (tribute to Jeni XP)

So serious.

 I realize he isn't ~pretty~ but I wanted him to be tired, grumpy, and like he lived a full life.
Lol that nose! I so have to get a side shot of this bad boy. It's a work of art.

 He's an excellent chef.

 I have to admit the more I saw Jami, the more I saw the resemblance. I don't think she was switched at birth any more lol.

 Seriously, if I made her a boy, she'd be a miniature Devin, with her mommies eyes.

 Devin:  Come with me, my love, I'm taking you out on a date.
Adeyle:  Ooo, I like the sounds of that.

 Their date starts at that butterfly dome. So be prepared for some butterfly love filled photos Lol

 Adeyle:  Aha! Look, Devin Look! We match! Awesome.

Adeyle:  "Omgz, where did i- O_O Devin, I think it went down my shirt.

Devin:  "Don't worry hun. I'll look and get it out for you."

Adeyle:  Awe, thanks love! I know how hard that must of been for you. You know with you're fear of bugs.

 Butterfly kisses!

Adeyle:  Er- I think you mushed a butterfly in my hair.

 Devin:  Oh yeah, this is turning out wonderful. On to our next stop.

 Of course being in public, you have to do some cameo shots. Lol cellphones

Adeyle:  *sigh* "We can never go anywhere with out being in tons of pictures for the tabloids.

 Devin:   It's just because you're have such beautiful lips.
Adeyle:  Awe, that's not what they're taking pictures of I'm sure, but it's sweet of you to notice.

 Tanner:  Joey seriously man *stumbles* I so didn't know you worked today.
Joey:  I don't feel so good. *upchucks in the flower bed*

Tanner:   "Holy shit, Joe! Joey man, look who it is!"
Devin:  "I'm guessing we'll be having some company."

Tanner:  Dude man, sup? I cannot believe it's you. Devin Ashton. This is, too cool.
Adeyle:  * walks away* "Have fun"

 Devin: Adeyle, hunny, he'd like to talk to you too.
Adeyle:  Really? He scares me a little."

 Tanner:  No seriously, man. How are YOU hanging out with a total babe like her?

 Adeyle:  Well actually, we've been together for a long time. It was love at first sight you could say.

 Tanner:  I don't like you anymore. I hope she dumps you.

 Adeyle:  *gasp!* "Omg! This cannot be!"

Adeyle:  "I'm sorry. But I have to ask..
Vampire:  Yes, I'm a vampire. No I won`t eat you.

 Adeyle:  No, no. You're absent minded too?
Vampire:  Erm.. yeah?
Adeyle:  YES! I'm not the only ditzy celebrity. What a relief.

 Adeyle:  ((Omg, he has to stop turning me on. I'm totally going to end up being pregnant again.))

 Next stop, dance club! 
Devin:  Ah! no way! You really want MY autograph. Such an honor thank you.
(( She's a 5 star celeb; and LOLz at the bad ass looking guy in back))

Adeyle:   *Boop* " Dammit. I'm going to kill him. *looks around* Where is he?"

 Already dancing!

Adeyle:   Ahh, what the hell. It's a night to celebrate.

Adeyle:  Is she seriously booing ME?

Adeyle:   Hey. Yeah you. You see that guy over by the bar? The blonde locks.
Moxie: Uhm, yeah sure, why?
Adeyle:Well, he totally told me he totally digs you. 
Moxie:  Serious? 
Adeyle:  Ohhh yeah. he said he'd be totally turned on if you just walk up to him, and start macking."

 Moxie:  Getting laid tonight! Yeeey yeey! Thanks blondie, you ain't that bad after all.
Adeyle:  Haha! "yeey yeey! I'm stupid ".. Take that!

Moxie: Come here and give me some of that sugar, Oh yeey.

 Paparazzi: Woaah, woah. I see that you're not the most FEMININE girl, but that don't make you my type.

 Back at home..
Maura:   Listen. It's not your fault. Microwave just has something I can't explain. Your friendship means a lot to me, though

 Maura:  Did you hear Master is pregnant again? I'm so glad that I can't
Microwave:  -silence-

Maura:  You're such a great listener. I love you!


  1. LOL @ the robot! You are very entertaining with your sims.

    /take0nme from!

  2. That last picture. EPIC.