Monday, January 10, 2011

the beginning

 Originally wrote on Oct 27, 2010

Adeyle moved to the big city with her cousin Lolitia and her best friend Tasha. They each had their own thoughts and views on how they wanted to be famous. They all decided that it would be the easiest if they started a band. They moved into the top floor of this building.

Adeyle always wanted to be a Movie star, but agreed with being in a band for quick stardom. She took lead guitar.

 Her cousin, Lolita, wants to pursue her own music career, and to learn all instruments, and chooses to take bass.

 Tasha, being the wild child of the group, chose drums.

 They had some of the neighbors drop in it say hi! Guess one thought Adeyle looked delicious.

She didn't let those fangs scare her one bit. If anything, it intrigued her.

 So she didn't waste anytime.

But god forbid if he wanted to hold her hand.

 The (odd) gang watching TV. Tasha found that the TV wasn't as exciting as someone else.

 So they got their mack on.

 And just in case you weren't sure. Working out at a strangers house is all the rave for vampires.

Cute shot of Tasha

Lolita is not liking the washing machine. Boo!

And tries to get in under control but ends up knocking on her ass. And being the poor sport, she was pissed off for an hour.

 So she decided to go schmooze up some A-listers.

 Bouncer: You're not on the list.
Lolita: I can't come in? But I'm with that guy. The one with the stars~
Bouncer: $100 and I'll find you're name on the list.

 Lolita*grumble grumble*

 This dude is not impressed with Lolita. Must be gay.

 Across town,
Adeyle was invited over to a party hosted by her boss Devin.
 Devin:  I'm so glad you could make it!
Adeyle:  Oh, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Of course someone was a little pushy, and broke up Adeyles seducing time.

 She was not impressed. But not stopping by any means.

 Adeyle:  You really turn me on.
Devin:  (I am pretty hot.)

Ahh movie stars.  
Devin:  I'll be right there, just got to freshen up.
Adeyle:  There's no cameras in here you know. *pause* Erm.. right??

Adeyle:   *giggle*  You're going to be sweating when I'm done with you anyways.

 The Next Morning.. 
Adeyle:  Good Morning.
Devin:  You look really pretty in this light.
On her way to work, she sex strut, all the way there.

First Gig..

No body likes this guy, and I don't know why or what he did. So everyone always boos him.

It's kind of sad, since he left the bar and went and sat by himself in the corner, Awe :(

Adeyle:  That was fun! Even though we didn't make much
Tasha:  Whatev on making much! I got these Nachos for nothing!
Adeyle:  Nachos? Phh, whatev, someone sent me a dishwasher. Oh yayz, living the high life.

 After relaxing at home, she crashes a house party. And good thing too, since she got to meet a 5 star celeb, in her career.

Adeyle:  I'm totally crashing this thing. I have no clue who's house this is.
Emmy:  Neither do I! Wanna dance?

 The next day, her new boyfriend, just asked her to go steady on set, awe.

A lot has happened since Adeyle moved into town. She has moved up a lot in her career, and  her relationship with Devin has only gotten better. So she took Devin to a fancy dinner. Where she proposed.

And he said yes! Awe he's such a girl.

 Devin:  Adeyle, why are you looking at me like that?

Adeyle:  I can't wait for your bedroom. *hits shut door button*


  1. Ack it's Devin before his plastic surgery XD

    ADEYLE <3 I almost forgot what a party girl she used to be!

  2. I know! I forgot how ugly he really was.
    If I didn't turn aging off Adeyle would be an elder right now *sobs* She can't get old!

  3. Blogger Buddies! (Psst...Its the NinjaSawr here) LOVE IT! I love the realism your sims have, even mine don't have it! You've got me hooked!

  4. Thanks!
    I plan on reading your story sometime this weekend!

  5. Love the girls' friendship. Adeyle works fast :-)