Monday, February 7, 2011

the girlfriend

Originally created December 8, 2010

Stephan: You look beautiful.
Meghan:Yeah I know. I always do.

Stephan: Yeah I know, but well I'm glad you wanted to go on a date with me, you're a goddess at school.
Meghan: Yeah well, that's something I strive for.

Stephan: And you do it well.

Meghan: I know. Stephan, what are you doing?
Stephan: Uhm, I'm leaning in.
Meghan: Yes, I can see that. But why?

Stephan: To give you a kiss?
Meghan: Oh Steph. I really don't think we should go there.
Stephan: Wait what? I thought we were on a date.

Meghan: Erm, I'm sorry Steph, I got to go.
Stephan: You saw nothing.
Bartender: Of course Mr Ashton.

Police: A little young to be out this late, hrm?
Stephan: Fuck my life.

Libby: Sammie! -squeezes-

Samuel: I'm really glad you wanted to hang out this weekend
Libby: How could I not want to hang out, with my best friend!

Table Dnacer: Wooo! Look at me go
Guy Trying to Eat:Uhm, excuse me!

 Guy Trying to Eat: That's.. my.. food. *sigh*
Table Dancer: Ohh, hope you didn't want to eat that
Guy Trying to Eat: Ah, no. I always buy a plate of $16 onion rings to have some guy step on them.

 Samuel: I don't know if I ever told you, but I love those little stars you draw on your cheek.

Libby: Oh Samuel. You can do better then that.
Samuel: I also love the piercing eyes, those stars underline.

Libby: Really?

Samuel: Phhf yeah. I think you're the prettiest girl, I've ever layed my eyes on.

Libby: I never knew you felt that way about me. I always just thought, I was one of the boys.
Samuel: Libby, you could never just be one of the boys.

Libby: Erm, is that your Mom?

Samuel: Close enough. That's April. She's my older sister.

April: Hey! I like your shirt!
Titus: Thank you?

April: You see those two adorable teens in the corner. That's my little brother. Cutest thing you ever did see huh?
Titus: Uhh, yeah.

Titus:People are taking pictures of you.
April: Yeah That always happens. Might as well make them interesting.

April: Here try it out!
Titus: Okay, how's this?
April: There you go!

Samuel: Do you want to come back to my place?
Libby: Yeah sure let's go!

Samuel: How do you feel about feet?
Libby: Hrm?
Samuel: Well, some people love feet, and others hate feet
Libby: And everyone thinks I'M weird.

Libby: So this is your place huh? I thought it would be bigger considering who your parents are
Samuel: Well it's actually my sisters. She wouldn't let my parents buy it. She bought it with the money she earned from selling art.

Libby: Hey why did you move over there?

Stephan: To make way for me
Libby: Ohh I see.

Stephan: Yeah he's a good little brother
Samuel: You know what? No, I'm only 5 minutes younger then you, and Libby is my guest, so I get to sit beside her

Stephen: Dude chill. It was a spot
Samuel: *mumbles* it's more then just a spot*
Stephan: Look I moved, happy now?

Libby: I am

Stephan: Heh heh.What's the deal though? Why is it such a big deal to sit by her.

Libby: Ermm...
Samuel: Well, that's because.. she's my girlfriend.

Stephan: Woah what? Girlfriend you?

Samuel: Well what does it look like to you?
Libby: Yeah!
Stephan: Kay fine. I'm not being a third wheel. Have fun love birds.

Libby: I'm your girlfriend?

Samuel: If you want to be. If not.. I understand.. I was just..
Libby: Oh Sammie

Just in case you weren't sure, I want to be your girlfriend.

Stephan: *sigh*

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