Monday, February 7, 2011

the birthday bashes

Originally created November 28-30, 2010

So I was In Jami's household when I got the pop up. I missed giving Samuel a cake. But I know how stupid EA is and knew even though they are twins they wouldn't age Stephan til much later

Lol the Adeyle clones over there

Stephan sadly has a lot of his fathers features. Like those skeleton cheeks

And some close ups of Samuel. He looks so much like his mommy and he is soooo adorable! He kind of reminds me of a penguin.

Samuel is very into music. He plays almost every instrument.

Stephan, has his sisters talent with the arts, and is interested in architect. 

Seb and her, decided since they're going to be having a baby they needed to move. 
((WITHOUT my approval Btw!))
But I have to admit they choose a very nice home! And if you look at the top left corner, the tannish house. That's where mommy is. So now they live close to home

Of course like all Bridgeport homes not enough bedrooms. Now look close, you see how big it is? Yeah ONE bedroom.
Now it has three bedrooms, and a nice little suite on ground floor for the butler.

As for the butler, they sent me a girl this time! She's not too bad for EA, but rather plain for my liking.

So I jazzed her up a bit

Jami: Can you believe it? We're about to have a baby!
Seb: I know. He must be huge!

Jami: He? Huge? What the hell are you talking about?
Seb: Oh we're definitely having a boy!
Jami: And how do you figure that?
Seb: Well, look at you! You look like you just swallowed a watermelon whole. And we're not having a fat chick as a kid
Jami: Wow, how nice of you?

Jami - busy on phone-
Seb: OMG!My son is coming I don't know what to do!
Old Guy: Oh no! A baby! Ah
Tom: Hrm?

 Jami: What the hell are you guys freaking out about-Oo Ow! Breath hoo hoo
"Men": Ahhhh omg! We have to get her to the hospital.
 Jami: -face palm-

Meet Morgan!

And Lena! Guess twins run in the family! Aw don't pout Seb it'll be alright!

  Of course as soon as they got home from the hospital, he had to go to work
Seb: This is going to be a loooong day.

It's weird having a butler that likes the children. She plays with them, and actually was the one to help them grow up.

Here's Morgan as a toddler.

And my little Lena Bean<3

Morgan: Look Lena I have a red block!

Lena: So! I have a Blue Block. Mines better because it's square

Morgan: Can I have a blue block?

Lena: No! It's mine.

Jayden: Hrmm, what to wish for, what to wish for...
April: OMG! Hurry up, I would like to blow out my candles too!
Jayden: Fine! Go ahead then!

April: Thank you!

April:Oh yeah
Vincent: YAY! Another out of the house. Three more to go!

Joe: Oh lord, she's hot

April: Like seriously, 3hours and you didn't even sparkle? Wth was that about.  Everyone practically left before I could grow up

Jayden: Pshh, everyone knew how you were going to grow up. I was the main event!

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