Monday, February 7, 2011

the reunion

Originally created November 27, 2010

Jami was enjoying an evening drink when she heard a knock on her door

 Seb: Jami, we need to talk. The way things ended it.. It just shouldn't of happened to begin with
Jami:You were the one who wanted a break from me. You brought this on yourself

 Seb: And I regret it. I need you Jami
Jami: Seb, don't do this. Not now.

 Seb: I miss you
Jami: Oh Seb I miss you too

Jami: But I'm not sure about this. I'm still wounded from what happened before
Seb: And I will give you time to think about it Jami. Take all the time you need, I'll always be waiting

Seb: I love you

Jami: I love you too, Seb

Jami: You would think writing a drama would come easy to me by now

Back at the OTHER Ashtons house.
Are little pixie is having a birthday

Devin: Oh no! She's one step closer to being a teenager!

Not too shabby!

She has a nice mixture between both parents

April: AHHH! I need to get out of the house!

Jami did a lot of thinking and invited Seb over

 Mixing up a little ~mood~ setting drink

And Seb drinks water.

Seb: I'm really glad you invited me over Jami
Jami: Me too. And you're right. What happened was foolish, and childish of me

Jami: I need you too

Nice to know their priorities

They take no time to celebrating there joining..

.. with another type of joining.

Seb moves in, and enrolls in the army.

How could Jami resist a man in uniform?

Jami: You know you couldn't

Seb: Jami, I don't think I could find a better woman.

Seb: So I've decided..
Jami: Seb, what the hell are you doing?

Seb: to keep you as close to me as I can. Jami, will you marry me?

Jami: Oh yes! Seb yes, of course!

Jami: Hey Mom!

Adeyle: So what's so exciting that you make an old woman get dolled up?
Jami: Well you know how Seb and I got back together? Well, he proposed!

Adeyle! Yay! I;m so relieved to hear. I thought you were going to die alone
Jami: Erm, thanks mom?

So they did what happens at every mother daughter outing. Got drunk

The Wedding Day

Seb: Ahh yeah, I look dashing

Everyone has smiling and having a great time. *Ahem* I said everyone Vincent

Stephan: Vincent dancing? Now I've seen everything

Ohh and he boogied

Pretty much the whole time

Vincent: I think your father is having a grand ol time
Jami: Why do you say that?

Devin: Woooo! Awwwww yeeah!

Their eyes caught across the dance floor..

Seb: Are you ready to head back home?
Jami: Mhm!

The party couldn't be finished without a jumping high five

Jami: Our first time as a married couple. Eee!
Seb: You look absolutely stunning my dear.

~*dun dadada dun dun*~

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