Monday, February 7, 2011

the accusation

originally created on January 2, 2010

April: Hey thanks for inviting me over! I'm in need for a friend right now.
Jami: Oh of course, sweetie. I knew you would, come and sit down.

April: Really? How did you know? Some sort of sister sense Haha
Jami: Actually, I remember reading a very interesting piece about you and a firefighter. Turns out the scumbag agreed to an interview.
April: !!!

April: Oh no. Was it.. a very..
Jami: Detailed report? Why yes it was. The news was very impressed by the story, and gave it front page news.

April: Front page?!  I'm pretty sure there is more interesting stories then me, and my mistakes.
Jami: You might of forgot the fact that you gave a statement to the press, about "waiting til marriage", yeah the tabloids don't forget. If anything, they're waiting for you to fail.

April: But, I made that statement when I was 12! They seriously can't think I know everything when I'm 12!
Jami: Why do you think I don't bother with the press. Ever since I've settled down, they barely pass me a glance. And what with Seb being in the army, we've been granted hero status. 

April: But if we can work it out! It could be an amazing tale about true love trumping all!
Jami: Yeah but the likelihood of that helping with the..

April: And then we will get married, and have a gajillion kids, and then we'll be the family that overcame unspeakable odds. It will be so grand, they will make a princess fairytale about it, and then a movie..
Jami: How are we related?

Jami: Do you think he'll take you back though?
April: I don't know. Oh gees I never thought about that. I just always assumed that we'd be together for ever.

Jami: Well, I'm sure things will be fine. On more interesting news how was it? They never had a picture of him, was he hot? Was it big?

Jami: What?! I've never got to hook up with a firefighter!

April: Oh man, I just don't know how much longer of this waiting I can take..

April: *gasp!*

April: No no no no...

 April: Omg I can't look!

 Joe: So you're not planning on having kids soon?
Woman: Oh shugs! No way. I need more time then that.
Joe: Well that's good to hear. I'm not ready for kids around, anytime soon.

April: Kids? What if he's already looking for my replacement.

April: Well I'm not going to let that happen!

April: I'm sorry but you're going to have to find someone else to make babies with, shug.
Woman: And who's this delightful little fire cracker?
Joe: That would be April..

Joe:..and what exactly are you doing?
April: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin your date! You thought with all this hard thinking, you deserve a little downtime, with some broad!

Joe: April, calm down this isn't...
April: Isn't what it looks like? Ha! then what does it?
Joe: It looks like a family reunion.

April: It looks like a what?
Joe: This is my cousin..

April: Cousin?
Marie Ellen: Hello! I'm Marie Ellen, but you can just call me Mel.

April: Omg, how bad does this look?
Mel: Hey now, don't worry about it. He's quite the catch. If I wasn't related, I'd be fighting all you woman off.

Joe: How could you think I would do something like that?
April: Well, I don't know. I guess I just got caught up in the moment.

Joe: You've been doing that a lot lately..
April: Joe, please, I didn't mean any harm. I just don't want to lose you.

Joe: So you attack my cousin and I, at a nice dinner.
April: But, well look at her, it was the first thing I could think of.
Mel: Well she's right Joesph. I am quite dazzling.

Joe: You know, April.. whatever. Mel I'll be waiting in the car.
April: Joe! Please..

Joe: You're sure making this decision easier everyday!
April: No Joe, you don't mean that. Wait..
Mel: Just let 'em go, shugs.

 April: How do I keep making this worse? It just feels the more I fight for him, the worse it gets. Maybe I don't deserve him after all..

Mel: Hey now. There's no need to be so upset. It was probably just a big misunderstanding, and he's just being too pig headed to see, what a great catch you are

April: He could never forgive me for what I've done. *sobs* Iscrewedupso.. *mumble sobs*
Mel: Uh erm.. there there. It'll be ok.

April: I'm going to die ah- ah- ah*gasp*looooone! *sobs*

 Mel: Ohh this poor little thing. There must be something I could do..

 Mel: Hey there, do you truly love my cousin? Full hearted, no maybes?

April: *sniff* yes..

Mel: Well then I'm going to talk to him for you, okay? Just please don't cry anymore. A pretty little thang like you, should be glowing brighter then the sun.

April: Thank you... Mel. You're my hearts last hope.

Mel: Then let's pray to the good spirits, that that boys heart is as sure as yours.

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